Washing & Care Instructions


Delicate bras (sheer, lace or satin), are best to hand wash. Fill the sink with cool water and a bit of detergent. Soak the bra for a few minutes and then gently work the suds through the material and rinse with cool water. Dab excess water out with a towel before air drying. Reshape the bra cups and allow to air dry. Never put a bra in a clothes dryer!

Bras that contain underwire should be washed by hand only. The wires can break if twisted too much. If a wire breaks but is still encased by fabric, harsh detergents can cause the metal to rust.


Follow the same rules for hand washing vs machine washing panties as you do for bras.

If the panties are sheer, lace or satin, hand wash. Nylon or silk panties should be machine washed in a mesh bag to prevent stretching and tangling. Use cold water only with a delicate detergent. Always air dry all types of panties.


All leg wear - stockings, panty hose, tights - should be washed by hand. Fill a sink with cool water; add a gentle detergent and gently squeeze the stockings or tights. Let them soak for at least thirty minutes. Rinse in cold water. Wrap in a towel to absorb excess moisture. Hang to dry.


  1. Wash after every wear (Even if you did not wear in water)

  2. Always remove sand before washing

  3. Gentle Hand Wash ONLY - never use a washing machine

  4. Never soak swimwear overnight, it can breakdown materials & metals

  5. Never put swimwear in a dryer

  6. Lay your swimsuit flat to dry

NOTE: Sunscreens and body lotions contain ingredients that can be damaging to fabric and metals and can lead to the eventual breakdown of the material and discolouration of clips and clasps.


Every type of lingerie will last longer by following these tips:

  • hand wash in cold water

  • never wring or twist lingerie to remove water - use a towel to blot

  • always use a detergent made for delicate garments

  • never bleach

  • use a mesh lingerie bag if machine washing

  • if machine washing, wash delicate items with other delicate items only (do not throw in with standard wash) - avoid heavy fabrics that can tangle and damage delicate fibres

  • never overload the washer or the mesh bag - give items plenty of room to move

  • avoid washing lingerie with lint producing fabrics like terry cloth (towels)

  • separate light and dark coloured garments when washing by hand or machine

  • always air dry lingerie