About Us

Naked Curve was created by my best friend & I over a few wines and too many nibblies. We shared a vision of leading a movement of self love and body acceptance. There was a real lack of glamorous lingerie around for women who wanted to embrace their divine curves. This being said, we knew that we were the voices that were about to change this. It was time to be unapologetically beautiful in our own damn way.

Naked Curve was designed to celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes. We are here so women don't feel trapped within the limitations of the smaller-sized brands and overpriced items. At Naked Curve, we want to empower all women to express themselves and remind them that who they are is more than enough.
Our lingerie and luxurious body products are the sprinkles on the top of the delicious dessert you all already are. Naked Curve is here to give you just that little bit of extra.
So ladies, we challenge you to wear our pieces as a love letter to yourself.
Embrace your Naked Curve
Big Love,
Australian Custom standards require all clothing to be labelled prior to shipment to Australia. When receiving goods, please note the tag size may be slightly off as all good have been resized prior to sale to meet AU guidelines. All items have size charts in the description and it’s important to go off measurements rather than size.
Please note that fit will vary between different body shapes which is why individual size charts and measurements have been provided.
If you have any further queries, simply contact us at info@nakedcurve.com