The Naked Curve Story

If you don’t already know, now you do. My name is Indiana (on the right) and I want to give you an insight into my “Why” with you.

Put your violins away, girls, because I’m not giving you a sob story. To me, Naked Curve isn’t just a business; it’s a dream brought to life by a strong belief that our uniqueness is what makes us sexy. To the women that sometimes forget this, wash your face and look in the mirror because EVERY woman is HOT in their own RIGHT!

 From my own experiences through my colourful life, I have worked out what women want! I truly believe all we really want is to feel confident in our own skin. Confident enough to wear the lingerie, confident enough to tear up a board room meeting, confident enough to make love and confidence to be unapologetic in our lives and to stop apologising for being who we are.

 I want to share something with you, so you know that sexy me is also a woman dealing with challenges. Please don’t pity me. Instead, applaud me for conquering my own challenges. I live with a little-known condition called Lipedema (a condition that affects 1 in 9 women!), this has seen me fluctuate between sizes 10-18 over the last few years. Sparing the details, I’ll simply say it’s a bitch of a road I have taken to get to this point. But how cool is it though at all of these sizes I’ve been able to drape myself in HOT Naked Curve pieces.

 So darling girl, if you’re the girl that looks at pictures from when you were younger and think, “Wow, I was hot”. Do something as simple as changing it to “Wow, I am hot”. Because YOU truly are the main character in your life. So give yourself the energy, love and pleasure you deserve!

 All my love, Indiana

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