About Us

Hi, my name is Indiana (the one on the far right) and I am the founder and owner of Naked Curve. I want to say hello and welcome you to our ever-growing family of incredible women. On behalf of the epic movement Naked Curve supports and the message we stand for, I want to welcome you to join us on this journey of liberation.

Naked Curve came to fruition after I graduated from uni with a BA of Commerce and Business Law (completely unrelated to this epic business adventure). I was chatting to a friend who is a size 18 and she was telling me she was really struggling to find lingerie in her size. I jumped onto the old Google to help her prep for her adult sleepover and was genuinely shocked that most brands stopped at a size 12, maybe 14 if you were lucky! Plus everything above those sizes was considered specialty sizing so ipso facto was coupled with an exorbitant price tag. Ouch!

This sparked a fire in my belly to be a voice for change alongside the incredible women already fighting to see sizing in Australia become more inclusive & fashion more accessible to everyone. After sleepless weeks, thousands of lost dollars, way too much caffeine and more tears shed than I care to mention, Naked Curve went live for the first time and drum roll please..... Crickets! Not a single visitor to the site. The panic I felt was unlike anything I could ever describe. Cue another bottle(s) of wine getting consumed and then later that night it happened! I got a notification on my phone saying order #001 has been made. The crowd went wild (mum and I), there was cheering and dancing and the rest is, as you say history.

Naked Curve is here so women don't feel trapped within the limitations of the smaller-sized brands and overpriced items. What we do impacts people on a way deeper level than I could have ever anticipated. Our pieces allow women to love and express their natural beauty from the inside out. We are all about keeping it real by skipping the airbrushing, remaining affordable and celebrating the beauty in diversity.

Wearing Naked Curve pieces really is like writing a love letter to yourself.


Big Love,

Indiana aka Naked Curve’s mum


P.S. our private women’s Facebook group Unapologetically Beautiful  is the best thing since butter on fresh bread and I/ all the other epic women who run the group would love you to join our space :)