Tips on kinking up your sex life!

Looking to shake things up in your sex life? 

Sometimes when you're in a long-standing relationship, things can become a little stagnant. 

Remember: This is normal, and every couple will go through moments of questioning whether they can get better than what it already is. The answer is yes! 

Naked Curve is here to support those relationships filled with love and passion that need a little nudge to keep the spice alive. 

Strap in and read this article with an open mind. See what you can try with your lover and what doesn't work. 

How to add kink to your sex life? 

There are many ways to add spice to your sex life. It may be through something as simple as buying some sex toys online or a sexy piece of lingerie. 

Get inspired with Naked Curve to see how you can bring that sparkle back into the bedroom. 

Caution: You might get a little hot just reading our tips! 

Have sex in front of the mirror

Let your partner take you from behind in front of the mirror to see just how hot things can get. 

Direct your partner to the mirror and bend over for them and let them penetrate you from behind or tell them to reach around to play with your clitoris. 

A cost-effective yet ultra-stimulating tip! 

Elevate sex in front of the mirror with a hot piece of plus size lingerie. 

Talk dirty 

Talk dirty to me, baby. 

Let's communicate, and by communicate, we mean dirty talk with your lover by explaining what you want and what you want to do to your partner. 


Ice cubes

Ice cubes are the ultimate sexual stimulator. A simple cube running from the breasts to the navel to the clitoris will heighten your sensations. 

Start sexting! 

Gone are the days of thinking that sexting (talking sexually through text) is taboo. It is a hot way to keep the spark alive, and it is here to stay! 

Send your lover a text before they get home to get them heated before interacting sexually in the bedroom. 

Use rope

We at naked curve love bondage, role play and the idea of being submissive or dominant in the bedroom. This type of foreplay will help you release your stresses and be in the moment. 

Check out our online adult toy shop to buy essential sex toys and bondage equipment. 

Inspiration: Introductory Bondage Kit

Get that blindfold out

Heighten your other senses by asking your partner to blindfold you. 

One thing is for sure. You'll orgasm quicker than you think. 

Inspiration: Fetish Fantasy Series Bedroom Kit

Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Lover's Fantasy Kit

Dress up 

Naked Curve is known for showcasing the ultimate curve lingerie in Australia. Make an extra special effort in the bedroom with something as simple as putting on sexy lingerie before getting down and dirty. Through dressing up, you will show your partner that you love to surprise and set the scene. 

Inspiration: Amor Corset Azure

Sex is a universal language where when practised with your lover, you create your own language of love, passion, and sex that only the two of you understand. Add some sugar and spice to your sex life by keeping the flame lit eternally.

 Written by Ivana Zoric

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