Sexual poses to make your lover's jaw drop

Have you ever noticed when you're having fun in the bedroom with your lover that there are sweet silent moments where they just stare at your beauty? Have more of those moments with tricks by Naked Curve on how to pose sexually, so much so, it makes your partner so aroused, you'll end up doing a peep show for them.

To activate your posing engine, we have you covered from props, accessories, and plus size lingerie inventiveness.

Just remember, slow and steady makes everything hot and heavy.

How to pose sexy?

Like Madonna, baby, strike a pose. When trying different looks and poses, remember the saying dance like nobody is watching to exert the fiery confidence within you.

Use your lover's button-up shirt as your prop

Turn the heat up a notch by wearing your partner's button-up shirt with a simple yet revealing bra and panties set like Ember Rose. Let your imaginations run wild by looking out a window of a Soho penthouse overlooking New York City.

Let yourself go to feel on top of the world in the bedroom.

Wear a mask

Tantalise your partner with a mask that creates unspoken tension and mystery. Pair your mask with the three-piece Acacia Rose set. A revealing yet playful set complemented by mesh and lace detailing. 

Use the mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the sexiest of them all?

Let out your inner goddess in the bedroom by using a mirror that will even make the evil Queen in Snow White proud.

Hot honey on her knees

Bring out that wild child and show your partner why you make all the rules with a hot pair of stilettos or heels. Pair them with our desirable French Maid outfit and release the sexy spontaneous nature they crave.

Timeless fishnets to elongate the legs

Show off and turn on your lover with your long legs and curvy thighs. Coupled with our Ramona 3 Piece Set Iris. Showcase those million-dollar pins that will bring your lover to their knees.

Who doesn't love a garter?

Entice and tease your partner in ways that will leave him speechless. Show off those upper thighs and legs with our simple but elegant Tia Suspender Panties that will be sure to knock his socks off or more.

Heels, baby, heels

Arouse your lover in ways no one else can. The moment you show are in a sexy teddy and a provocative pair of heels, he will immediately notice, and if you're lucky, he won't rip your clothes off.

Posing sexually is essentially creating moments in time where your partner can see you like an art form that deserves to be appreciated. Accentuate every curve with your favourite place to shop for plus size lingerie in Australia.

With Love,

Naked Curve


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