Expand your horizon: Foreplay and sex toys unite

Naked Curve girl here, Naked Curve girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Australia's most daring women who love to elevate their sex lives.  
Gone are the days when feeling sexually liberated was considered taboo. Honey, nothing is too taboo for us. Trust me.
Recently I was having a conversation with a Naked Curve team member. I proposed a question to her.
“Do you like foreplay?” I asked her.
She responded with, “It’s my favorite pastime, and it makes me climax”.
How to un-vanilla your foreplay experience
Some couples may find foreplay a little vanilla. My answer to this statement is that you’re not putting enough chocolate chips into your gelato. Consider foreplay as the vanilla gelato and choc chips as sex toys. They go hand in hand, no questions asked.
The answer to good foreplay is to start slow and don’t rush it. Flirt and romanticise the situation with your beau. As humans, we love the chase like a jaguar. Give your partner the chase of a lifetime by combining sex toys into your foreplay experience.
If sex toys haven’t crossed your mind before, are you even living in 2024? Adult toys don’t replace your partner, they enhance an experience for the both of you that fuels desires and fantasies that you didn’t know you wanted.
The benefits of foreplay
In addition to the immense pleasure, let's talk about the fabulous health benefits of engaging in foreplay, darlings!
Firstly, it's like a cardio workout for your heart, boosting blood flow and circulation throughout your fabulous body, all while promoting that oh-so-important cardiovascular health.
And guess what? Foreplay is not just for the body, it's a mood-lifting marvel! It's like a dose of serotonin straight to the soul, reducing stress and anxiety levels with its magical release of endorphins. Oh, and let's not forget the emotional fireworks it ignites! The intimacy and connection during foreplay are like the ultimate relationship elixir, strengthening those emotional bonds between partners and leaving you feeling on top of the world.
And here's the cherry on top: prolonged foreplay sessions amp up sexual arousal and lubrication, ensuring that when it's time for the main event, it's nothing short of sensational! So, lovelies, remember, incorporating ample foreplay into your sexual routine isn't just about pleasure.
Try sex toys that are out of the ordinary
Yes, vibrators and dildos are still the bee's knees in 2024, but have you ever thought about nipple play?
If you’re reading this at home, test the theory, if you squeeze your nipple, does it turn you on? In my opinion, the majority of readers will say they felt an intense sensation they’re happy to explore. The fantasy for her vibrating nipple suck-hers is the ultimate adult toy that every couple needs to change up their foreplay. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Instead, you’ll be moaning all the way to your climax.
Remember, sexual exploration is about pushing boundaries and discovering what excites you and your partner. So, dive into the world of foreplay and sex toys with an open mind and let your desires lead the way.
After all, pleasure knows no limits when you're willing to explore. It's about living your best, healthiest, and most fulfilling life in and out of the bedroom.
You know you love me,
Naked Curve Girl 

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