Why do women love vibrators, and why are they so good?

Between the 1960s to 1970s, positive conversations about women masturbating began and the introduction of the Hitachi Magic Wand to ladies worldwide. This period of sexual freedom erupted in multiple conversations about sexual well-being and why it is vital to enjoy sexual stimulation as a stress reliever.

When shopping for sex toys online, think about the following:

Why do vibrators help women climax?

The clitoris has more than 7000 sensory nerve endings with higher concentrations than any other part of the body. When something like a vibrator comes close to such a sensitive part of the body, it can help a woman orgasm faster than expected whilst be far more intense than a regular climax. It can also give multiple orgasms in a short period.

Believe it or not, many women, even today, have never felt the sensations of orgasm. Vibrators are an exceptionally positive tool for women exploring themselves sexually to experience a climax later in life.


Why are vibrators so loved?

  • They’re revolutionary and support sexual wellness.
  • Vibrators help women explore their bodies in privacy.
  • A way to enjoy sexual fun without a partner.
  • Minimises performance anxiety.
  • Has zero risk of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • They come in many shapes and sizes to suit every vagina.

Many women cannot climax by sex. Vibrators are essential for ladies who have the urge to ‘get off’ without any pressures of pleasing a partner, faking it, or trying too hard. The most enticing pleasure of a vibrator is that you can stop and relax after orgasming without shame or guilt. Masturbating is a heavy part of sexual wellness and is accepted and no longer taboo in many societies.

Types of vibrators

When you buy a vibrator online, shop at reputable retailers like Naked Curve, an online adult toy shop and lingerie store run by women sourcing high-end products that are fun, reputable, and safe to use. 

Vibrators come in many forms and have evolved. Some of Naked Curve’s favourite vibrators are:

Satisfyer Layon- Sweet Temptation Pink

Can you use vibrators during sex?

Oh yes, baby!

Incorporating a vibrator while having sex with your partner can increase sexual tension and intimacy, mutual pleasure, and a higher chance of orgasm for those who need more stimulation on top of penetration.

Using a toy like the Satisfyer Teaser Light Blue is popular during sex because it stimulates the clit during intercourse and heightens the intense sensation of climaxing.

How to use a vibrator when you live with people?

  • Lock the door and say you’re catching up on work.
  • Turn a T.V. show on or play music and enjoy every moment under the sheets.
  • If you have a waterproof vibrator, use it in the shower.

It’s 2022, people. Get yourself a vibrator and stimulate that clit for the greater good of women and their libidos.

With Love,

Naked Curve


Author: Ivana Zoric | www.ivanacreative.com


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