What does your toy collection say about you?

Your relationship with your favourite sex toy parallels that of your BFF; They’re always there when you need them and know exactly what to do to cheer you up. Imagine having a bad day at work and needing to release some built-up stress when your “BFF” at home on your bedside drawer is there to help you relieve that stress.

Like friends you are so chill with, your MVP sex toy says a lot about you. Whether you’re the Adam & Eve Twirling Rabbit kind of person or the Satisfier Plug-ilicious adventurer, we know what kind of buzz you need in the bedroom.

So, what does your toy say about you?

When it comes to bedroom fun, a wide range of toys is available to add a bit of spice to your sex life. Are you a fan of couples play, vibrators, rabbits, dildos & dongs or the ever-adventurous butt play?

Being a $15 billion-dollar industry, the sky is the limit, and anyone can explore their favourite and even experiment with new toys.


The Rabbit Vibrator

The trusty rabbit vibrator is quick and silent like a bunny. You want a sex toy, but only one you can giggle about after one too many rosés at your local bar with girls from your Zumba class.

You want a fast and more prolonged orgasm that you never received from your ex and an excuse to buy more to add to your rabbit colour collection.

Butt plug

When it comes to sex toys, butt plugs might be the ones most people are intimidated to try. If you own a butt plug, you’re open to trying new things and are confident within yourself to explore the appropriate norm.

You’re not afraid to explore your shadow self and, in doing so, bust your pleasure potential wide open. There is a jolt of excitement you give off that people can’t quite put the finger on as to why. Little do they know, it’s the shiny, furry or smooth plastic gem such as the Fetish Fantasy Gold Mini Luv Plug you are wearing right now.

The secret is your kink.


An upgrade from doing it yourself. Usually, everyone’s first go-to when experimenting and opening your mind to new and endless possibilities, but in the boundaries of playing it safe. 

A go-to at any time of the day. Stop playing it safe and get the Maia Sativa 420 for an extra jolt in your day with a hint of secretiveness wherever you go.


Handcuffs & Restraints

Into bondage? Restraints are a fantastic way to explore the world of bondage and discover a new level of pleasure and play. 

You have watched all Fifty Shades of Grey movies in one night, finishing two bottles of Pinot Noir and a half tub of Ben and Jerry’s, thinking, “Yep, I’m doing that one way or another”.

The Secret Kisses Boudoir Lace Collar and Cuffs is the perfect mood setter and accessory for kinky play.

With love,

Naked Curve


Author: Ivana Zoric | www.ivanacreative.com

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