What does your lingerie colour say about you?

The colours that we favour are what differentiates person to person. Naturally, we as individuals are drawn towards particular colours without explanation.

At Naked Curve, we thought to have a little fun entertaining the idea of colours representing the kind of sex that you like.

Some say colours can also represent our mood and how we want to be portrayed. Let's be honest. Your lingerie colour choices do not define you. However, they do exert particular energies due to pre-installed ideas from past generations and mainstream media.

To make this a bit of fun, we are showcasing our newest range of plus size lingerie to accentuate curves in all the right places.


REMINDER: Curves come in many shapes and sizes. Your lingerie size does not define you.


What does your lingerie colour say about you?

Let's delve right into it. Have a little fun and see what your favourite lingerie colour can potentially say about you.


Powerful & intense

A powerful colour that exerts confidence with a no bulls**it attitude. You're admired and celebrated as someone that goes for what they want no matter the obstacles. How you style, yourself is effortlessly timeless. Your sultry attitude drives your lover wild.

A little more on the dominant side, you love it when you're on top and love to put on a sexual and passionate show for your lover.

Inspiration: Ramona 3 Piece Set Black


Surprising and calm

For centuries white has represented purity, and many wore white lingerie on the night of their wedding before being de-flowered by their marital spouse.

You may not want to hear this, but this is a very outdated approach to white lingerie.

In our opinion, white represents simplicity, peace, and love. The rawness of white means you cannot shield yourself physically with materials to alter the way your curves look. White is confident, exerts an authentic personality and is undeniably a romantic lingerie colour that makes lovemaking all the more special.

White is sensual and has no age limit. This colour works for mature ladies lingerie pieces and women in their twenties and thirties.

Inspiration: Sonia White Bodysuit


Hot and passionate

Roses are red, and violets are blue,

wear red in the bed,

you'll be climaxing till the end.

Red is fiery and fierce, and magnetic in the bedroom. A colour the oozes intensifying sexual passion and is guaranteed to heat the bedroom in many ways that you never thought possible. Red lingerie always makes for incredible sex because it's so hard to resist the charm and seductiveness of the colour.

Inspiration: Anastasia Babydoll Red


Mysterious and intriguing

Ah, purple, known as the colour of royalty. The combination of ocean blue and fiery red makes for getting sexually creative, powerful in its own right and all-mighty mystery that purple brings to the table.

Purple being such a mysterious colour, your lover will never know what to expect in the bedroom, which makes things sexually hotter.

Inspiration: Ramona 3 piece set Iris

Naked Curve caters to sizes eight to twenty-two, which is why we're known for offering the best curve lingerie in Australia.

We're here to celebrate nakedness, REAL curves accentuated by colour and good sex lives for all.


Author: Ivana Zoric

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