Tried your first sex toy and loved it? Elevate your collection

Welcome one, welcome all to the blog that talks things sex and tips on how to pleasure yourself after a long day. From hustling and grinding the nine to five, entrepreneurs who finish work when the rest of the country is resting and the mummies tackle kids each day. Whatever tickles your fancy. No matter what kind of superwoman you are, having an orgasm is one of the most gratifying feelings before bed or work.

How to have an electrifying orgasm?

Want the ultimate orgasm? Buy a sex toy that satisfies all of your needs, and we guarantee you won't look back. It will be love on the first try.

The best place to buy sex toys?

Say goodbye to purchasing toys at a physical sex store. Buying sex toys online is the ultimate flex in keeping your shopping to yourself. Besides, buying from a trusted online store will teach you a few things about the many things you can try.

Naked Curve specialises in offering quality and safe toys to customers without being too in your face as an online adult toy shop.

If you're looking for that new toy to add to your collection, our new collection is feisty, sexy and guarantees incredible orgasms. 

Below are fan favourites from our new collection that feature:

  • Love Distance REACH G
  • Flawless Clear Dildo 7"
  • Evolved Buttercup

REMEMBER: Keep an eye on the quality of the sex toys you're looking to purchase. The ten-dollar dildo from an online outlet retailer may seem enticing, but it may not be safe in terms of materials used to create it.

Love Distance REACH G

This pretty little butterfly hits all the right spots to make you climax. The Reach G, a wearable vibrator controlled in your hands via the Love Distance App.

 A toy to use with your lover or solo features a comfortably fitting elastic harness and a unique design that combines G-spot stimulation with a broad-winged base that powerfully buzzes externally, especially on the clit.

Flawless Clear Dildo 7"

This LOVETOY dildo is shamelessly clear and gets the imagination flowering to discover the most erotic fantasies and pinnacles of pleasure. The Flawless Clear Dildo is shaped to look and feel like a natural penis. The unique carvings and curves aim to maximise sensations and orgasms.

A skin-safe transparent toy with a suction cup base and a non-porous surface make self-pleasure so enticing on a Tuesday night.

Evolved Buttercup

Ah, the saucy Evolved Buttercup that will send you on a rollercoaster of blissful sensations with its turbo-boost ten-speed motor and water submersible design.

This pleasure stick is like a magic want with maximum power that will leave you breathless after use.

So, the next time you buy adult toys online, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. Explore the different avenues of your sex life or how to pleasure yourself solo. Like we said at the beginning of the article, orgasming is one of the best stress relievers, and it can declutter the mind to get you prepared for whatever you're tackling.

 Happy toy hunting!


Written by Ivana Zoric

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