There is nothing better than holiday sex – your Christmas present to your partner is them unwrapping you.

An article where I can start with “Attention ladies, AND gentlemen!”.

Cum one, Cum all. I think something that we can all agree on is there is nothing quite like summer holiday sex with the one you love. It's fun, it’s light, it feels thrilling, it feels youthful and passionate.

This holiday season, why not gift your partner something unforgettable? Imagine the excitement as your partner unwraps the sensual allure of Naked Curve lingerie, revealing the treasure hidden beneath. From our Christmas Range ‘Claus a Scene’ to our Best-selling and costume lingerie.

Tis the season to get creative!

With styles designed to captivate and ignite passion, our lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving, promising pleasure, confidence, and intimacy. Top of Form

Claus a Scene

We're delighted to present our Claus A Scene Christmas lingerie range, adorned with the sexiest lingerie sets that are perfect to wear while eating a candy cane in front of your partner.

Sounds hot, doesn’t it?

Like unwrapping presents under the tree, our festive collection promises delightful surprises and exquisite pieces that will add magic to your holiday hat-on-the-door moments with your love.

ROLE PLAY: Unveil the Sensuous Side with Naked Curve's Costume Lingerie Collection

Naked Curve has a treasure trove of thrilling costume lingerie!

Have you ever tried roleplay? Dive into an array of tantalising costumes designed to bring the heat and spark up the bedroom ambience.

From the sultry Officer Uniform to the mischievous Naughty Nurse, each ensemble is meticulously designed to add a dash of excitement and fuel your desires. Whether it's the provocative Tomb Raider or the charming Miss Cherry School Teacher, our costume lingerie is here to unleash your fantasies and turn your night into a sizzling affair.

Discover your perfect bedroom persona and enter an enchanting world of seduction with our captivating range of costume lingerie at Naked Curve.


Best-selling lingerie that guarantees an orgasm for both of you

Customer favourites include the tantalising Honey Pot Deep Purple Lingerie Set, praised for its stunning allure. Though not lingerie, it is still relevant. The Lace Detail Shaper Black has garnered rave reviews for its impeccable fit and confidence-boosting support.

Discover why our customers adore these top picks and redefine your intimate moments with Naked Curve's best-sellers.

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Have the time of your life and incredible sex with the one you love this summer with Naked Curve. 

With love


Naked Curve


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