The vibrators we recommend to our friends

There is nothing better than a good recommendation, and there is nothing better than a good vibrator.

Recently, the team at Naked Curve had a conversation about what our favourite sex toys and vibrators are. We thought it was time to get our readers into the conversation!

Now contingent on how old you are, you've probably had some enlightening experiences with dildos and vibrators, some good and some bad.

We can't help but get a little personal in our blog.

We love our readers, so we'd want to share the vibrators we recommend to our friends when they ask the old question, "What's your favourite vibrator". Humans are more susceptible to purchasing something if it works for someone else. How do you think Google Reviews came about? It's the same thing.

What makes a good vibrator?

In our opinion, a good vibrator is simple, easy to use, provides mind-blowing orgasms, offers multiple vibrational settings, is easy to clean, have nonporous body-safe materials.

Get a vibrator that teases the clitoris to no end, giving you that adrenalin rush like going down on a roller coaster.

The best vibrators our experts love

What are our favourite brands?

Right now, we are low-key screaming for the Evolved Collection and the Satisfyer Range. Both are equally on par in terms of quality and functionality. These two brands are reliant, long-lasting and guarantee elevating orgasms.


Evolved Helping Hand

What's better than a good hand job? The Evolved Helping Hand slips over your finger to enhance solo play with a vibrating edge. Caress your two hot spots in one go with the massaging finger shaft delivering intense vibrations.

The two motors in the Evolved Helping Hand operate independently and feature eight speeds and vibrational functions. Completely waterproof and submersible, use the Evolved Helping Hand in the bedroom, shower, bathtub, and anywhere else you can think of without getting caught.


Satisfyer Double Flex

When a sex toy is called Satisfyer Double Flex, you best believe you will get double the fun.

The Satisfyer Double Flex offers powerful vibrations that seamlessly contour your body with silicone flex technology built into this rabbit.

With three roaring motors, let go of your stresses and release yourself while the Double Flex stimulates the clitoris, G-Spot and Labia.


Evolved Bunny Buddy

Let the Evolved Bunny Buddy take you on a wild ride. A Naked Curve office favourite, this waterproof, powerful ten-speed silicone vibrator handles like a dream with a ring-shaped grip, giving you complete control of your orgasm.

The Evolved Bunny Buddy has a life-like sculpted head, and firm bunny ears are controlled independently. Two powerful motors offer a mind-blowing experience from the inside and out.


Satisfyer Rrrolling pleasure Blue

When we say rrrolling in the deep, roll deep into an explosive climax.

Meet the Satisfyer Rrrolling Pleasure blue, a G-Spot vibrator that keeps giving. Built for those who desire the ultimate satisfactions of life, the Rrrolling Pleasure Blue intensely stimulates the G-Sport with a ball that moves up and down.

With twelve vibrational functions and seven speeds, we are adamant that you will fall in love with the Satisfyer Rrrolling Pleasure Blue.

And so, our Naked Curve readers, now you know what toys our team love!

Remember, you're the one the knows your clit best.

Choose the best vibrator for you.

With love,

Naked Curve


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