The Unseen Glamour: Revealing the Stories Lingerie Tells About Australian Women

Naked Curve girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Australia's most stunning women (all of you). 

Buckle up, darlings; Naked Curve is where lingerie isn't just a garment but a passport to feeling fabulous, looking exquisite, and indulging in the power of confidence. Join us as we share intimate insights and delve into the confidential desires that pulse through the hearts of women in Australian society.

It's story time, ladies; keep reading.


One thing you need to know about the face behind Naked Curve Girl is that I am a hopeless romantic. I love, love. I love a good love story like One Day in December and The Bronze Horseman trilogy. I love Frank Sinatra when the sun sets in Sydney, and I love movies about love. I was all for Carrie and Big to be together forever and believe that the writers shouldn't have killed off such a beautiful love story... There, I said it. 

How to make passionate sex even more passionate? Put on a show 

Sex with my boyfriend is always electric. I was on a challenge to take it to the next level. I love putting on a show for him, so I thought, what better way to entertain him and me than getting into character? 

I didn't tell him the plans and tricks I had up my sleeve because I wanted to keep him guessing. 


Over the course of three weeks, I put on three separate romantic evenings for my Mr Big and me. What was the feedback, you wonder? Some of the best sex we have ever had. Why, you ask? Because it was something different, something new, and something for us both to enjoy. 

I set the scene with lingerie setscostume lingerie, and a slip nightie

Night One: Valentina Rose Three Piece Lingerie Set 

While I wore the Valentina Rose, I pictured living a La Dolce Vita lifestyle like Kourtney Kardashian Barker whilst having sex in our imaginary, dreamy luxury villa in Portofino next to Dolce & Gabbana.  

To set the scene, I put a bowl of lemons on my bone-inlay dining table, had a selection of zesty pastries and lit candles throughout our home. After I got my boyfriend comfortable in the corner of the couch, I slowly shut the blinds throughout the house and dimmed the lights. 


I turned some romantic Italian music on for background music and walked into the loungeroom in my outfit. When my boyfriend saw me, the first thing he said was, "It feels like we're about to have holiday sex." my response to him was, "I understood the assignment." for the next hour and a half, our bodies intertwined.


It was pure romance at its finest. 

Night Two: Amy Maid Lace Lingerie Costume 

I have to keep this short and appropriate because it was so good I'm struggling to put it into words. 

Night Two brought a playful yet seductive twist. Wearing the Amy Maid Lace Lingerie Costume, I transformed our space into a mischievous boudoir, channelling a whimsical elegance reminiscent of a French maid's allure. 


I made my boyfriend a stiff drink, and I pretended to clean our already clean home. It's safe to say that we made even more mess together, so much so that I needed a 'real cleaner' to come and reset our home. 

Night Three: Sasha Animal Print Slip Nightie 

Ah, night three, the trifecta. 


I was cool, calm, and sexy. It was a casual night, pouring rain outside, and the Sasha Animal Print Slip Nightie was my ammunition to getting laid by my boyfriend in a way that made my body shake and my mind explode.

One thing I will say is that I am absolutely obsessed with leopard print. It's Eurotrash, it's Donatella Versace vibes in the 90s, and it's completely me. 

It started on the couch and finished in the bedroom with all the blankets on the floor.  

Enough said. 


In the dance of lace, fantasies, and intimate adventures, these evenings of curated sensuality revealed a new facet of passion. Each lingerie ensemble was more than mere fabric; they were gateways to uncharted desires and nights filled with unbridled romance.

If you're having good sex, consider lingerie sets and costume sets for mind-blowing sex.


With love, 

Naked Curve Girl 

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