The Power Of Sex Toys

Using sex toys to enhance the sexual experience, whether going at it solo or with your lover, is no longer taboo. Today, sex toys are used worldwide by many singles and couples.

From the cute little vibrator you play with while in the tub to a multi-function vibrator such as the Satisfyer Supernova, there is something on the adult toy market for every sexual taste bud, especially at Naked Curve.

Tempted to include a sex toy in your relationship but unsure how sex toys impact your relationship? You are right to have the sex toy talk with your lover before surprising them with something spontaneous and simple like the Nova Green exercise balls that can tighten the pelvic floor and arouse you during sex and foreplay.

The powerful benefits of using sex toys

In a world where sex toys and the innovation behind them are genuinely mind-blowing with the many different types and functions, it is something worth researching, mainly if you're seeking sex toys for beginners.


Sex toys not only arouse but also have many health benefits.

  1. Increased sexual satisfaction

People who have used sex toys notice an increase in the quality of orgasm and masturbation.

  1. Increase in body confidence

Sex toys can allow you to experiment with different sensations, stimulation areas and simultaneous pleasure points safely, giving you the gift of knowing what makes you feel good and increasing body positivity.

  1. Improved sleep and relieves stress

We all know sleep is essential to our well-being. Not just because it keeps us sane and prevents us from being cranky monsters, but it strengthens our immune system, lowers anxiety and depression and increases our libido. Sex and masturbation can assist with insomnia, releasing certain hormones that make you calm and less stressed, leading to uninterrupted and rejuvenating sleep.

  1. Relationship satisfaction

When couples open themselves up to new things, it evokes communication, which is essential to relationship satisfaction and the relationship's overall health.

  1. Help in sexual dysfunction

Men and women can suffer from sexual dysfunction. Sex toys can help with common sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety.

Choosing the suitable sex toy for you and your lover

If you have never dabbled in sex toys before, bringing up the subject to your partner may seem uncomfortable at first because you don't want them to feel insecure or threatened.

Rest assured, you need to look at a sex toy as a pleasure enhancement, not a partner replacement. Like adding seasoning to an already perfect dish, a sex toy doesn't ruin the baseline experience. Instead, it takes it to another level.

So how do you what sex toy suits both you and your lover?


The answer is COMMUNICATION!

Find out what you and your beau like and find sex toys that suit both of you.

Feeling even more adventurous and mysterious? Look at Naked Curves Couples Play Mixed Bag with a couple of specific shared toys or the Mystery Toy Box.

Cu dragoste,

Naked Curve


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