Always, Always, Always The Duff - By Nuraan Diedricks

Growing up; I was always classed as the duff “designated ugly fat friend”, I was loud, bubbly and full of life which I believe over compensated for what I was always classed by my peers and or society. Growing up; females were always told indirectly and directly on how to look, how to present themselves and what the appropriate size/ shape was considered sexy. Throughout my teenage years I battled with my body changing, the excessive breast growth, the lumps and bumps, and not to forget the famous stretch marks; and this began the struggle of hating myself and the way I looked. 

This all changed much recently not only with the daily compliments and beliefs my partner made me hear all day everyday but also society accepting that females come in all shapes and sizes. Naked Curve has done so much for me in terms of me accepting my shape and size but also falling in love with my shape and size like I have never before. Naked Curve represents empowerment and loving your curves no matter how big or small you are. Naked Curve represents that my size will never define me because I have fallen in love with my size/ shape and have stepped out of my comfort zone by embracing my curves and to remind myself that my body is my temple and my body is my story. Even though I have a huge journey ahead of myself to continue to accept my body and embrace the change my body has on a regular basis, and even though I have days where I just feel awful, for the most part I’m absolutely grateful for Naked Curve for giving me the opportunity to embrace my curves and fall in love with myself ❤

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