Stuck at home? Take care of yourself








 Stuck at home? Take care of yourself

Many Australians are currently stuck at home right now. Self-care and self-love are of the utmost importance right now for everyone. 

Kind of stuck on how to practice the two? Don't stress. We have some helpful recommendations! 

In this article, the team at Naked Curve will offer three tips on how to love yourself whilst socialising is at a halt. 

  1. Combine skin and entertainment
  2. Pleasure the flowers out of your clitoris 
  3. Use technology & call your friends and family.

Combine skin and entertainment

Ladies and gentlemen, self-love be affordable, and you should take advantage of it. The most straightforward remedy for relaxing at home is to use your favourite face masks, hair treatments and nail polish whilst watching some of the best trash TV that this world has to offer.

To keep you entertained, Naked Curve recommends:

1. Younger

Keep busy with the TV series Younger. A Tale of a 40-year-old mother that takes a chance on herself.

2. My Unorthodox Life

See Julia Haart, a CEO and a woman who left the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. It's addictive!

3. Gossip Girl

For those who watched the original gossip girl, enjoy the new collective of Manhattan's elite. 

Pleasure the flowers out of your clitoris

We have picked three of our favourite vibrators that will take your self-love regime to the next level. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation










 Lay down and get yourself comfortable. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation will get your sensations running wild with euphoric orgasms in minutes. This product's oval head and robust vacuum technology from the Satisfyer line is that extra bit of pleasure that you didn't know you needed. 

Are you worried about how loud it is? Scared that someone you live with will hear? 

Don't worry. As an adult product store, we aim to source sex toys that are nice and quiet, keeping your sex life and self-masturbation moments our little secret for those who share accommodation. 

Satisfyer Curvy 2+ Pink

The Satisfyer's s Curvy 2+ in Pink is your little piece of heaven that stimulates the clitoris with a blending air-pulse stimulation and intense vibrations. 

Being ergonomically friendly makes the handling easy. This unique little rocket can also be controlled by an Application that you can download. 

The Curvy 2+ Pink is that sexual boost you need to keep you feeling happy and relaxed. 

Be pretty in pink under the sheets and don't worry, it has quiet motors. Meaning it is silent yet powerful.  

Satisfyer - One Night Stand 

Ever tried to use sex toys before? The One Night Stand is the teaser to a potential collection of pleasurable pieces. This intelligent little toy includes Satisfyer proprietary Air-Pulse Technology for 35-minutes at an affordable price of $29.00AUD.

The One Night Stand is known for seducing you, making you want more of its pressure-wave power

Use technology & call your friends and family

Since we all have a little more time, use it wisely and make a quick call to your friends and family. Checking in with those you're connected to will help keep you interacting with the world outside your home.

To hold love yourself is to care for yourself in many ways. Our two recommendations may be simple, but they're effective.

Why? Your sexual health is vital to take care of as it is connected to the rest of your body. Secondly, taking time out to watch a bit of TV and get your skin and beauty admin in order should be guilt-free and enjoyable. 

Naked Curve sends well wishes to all Australians.



Written by Ivana Zoric


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