Self Love Don't Cost A Thing

Self-Love Don’t Cost a Thing

Life can be hard and it can be even harder to slow down and look after yourself. This is your sign to tell you to take a breath and show yourself some love!

We’ve made it easy with 10 Free Ways to Practice Self-Love Right Now:

  • Turn off the electronics

  • Lose the buzz and just be present. Listen to the bird that you’re screaming at to shut up at 6am. It can be all night or maybe just 15 minutes. Refocus on the world around you.

  • Take a bath (or shower)

  • Some love a bath with bubbles and candles, others like to let the world wash down the drain in the shower. Contrary to belief (and those canvas signs at the newsagency), it is easy to have wine in both.

  • Go for a walk

  • Just at a leisurely stroll, we’re not trying to be Cathy Freeman over here. Even if you’d like to walk to the mailbox and back, you’ll soon find that your mind has cleared.

  • Wash your face

  • We’re not saying you need to pull out the Palmolive body wash or those old school bars (seriously, you’ll damage your beautiful skin) – grab your cleanser, moisturiser and a face mask. Try not to love yourself while your skin is radiating in all its natural beauty.

  • Put on some lingerie

  • Don’t just keep the lingerie for your partner, dress up in a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself. Strut around feeling like the sexy little kitten that you are.

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  • Write a to-do list

  • Okay, okay so not everyone finds comfort in a to-do list but if you do… you’ll know that there’s no accomplishment like striking a line off. (TIP: Put every single task down – having a shower, making bed)

  • Shop online

  • You don’t even need to spend money. Creating a cart and then just exiting the tab can actually give you that fix that you need. If you want to check out, that’s cool too (We always do).

  • Have a salad
  • Not only will you feel like a Kardashian (those salads are ridiculous), but you’ll still have room for dessert(s) and snacks. And you deserve it all baby girl.

  • Talk to someone

  • Reach out to that person that always uplifts you, who you always lose time when chatting with. Give your Nan a call – that’s always a good choice.

  • Revel in your guilty pleasure

  • If trashy magazines or trashy tv is your guilty pleasure (thank you TLC), then indulge yourself for an hour or for a whole day. If wearing slippers makes you feel good, then wear them while you do what you need to.

    It’s okay to focus on you, you deserve it.

    Be sure to let us know how you show self-love!

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