Pyjamas. They’re essential, sexy & comfortable.

Pyjamas. They’re essential, sexy & comfortable.

The team at Naked Curve have discussed this and have worked out that there is a high percentage of mothers (including our own) who would use the Easter and Christmas holidays to purchase fresh pyjama sets for the whole family. According to mums of the older generation, you would wear your nightwear for the next five to ten years or until it begins to fray away.


In this article, Naked Curve will take you on a trip that is women's pyjama sets: 

  • Sexy sleepwear for women.
  • Plus-size pyjamas.
  • The best 'Netflix and Chill' set. 

When thinking of PJ sets in 2021, they are worn for far more than sleep. Nightwear is bought for comfort, most importantly. However, there is more to it now. Yes, it is considered essential to own sleepwear as it was in the 20th century; there is more emphasis and demand on quality materials, style, and colour today in the 21st century.

Sexy sleepwear for women

Keep it sexy in bed with the Bellatrix Teddy that is breathable and comfortable on the skin while still being sensual.

The Bellatrix Teddy is a triple threat because it acts as sleepwear, lingerie, and a top you could wear with a tight pair of jeans.

Your mother would call this versatile.

Plus-size Pyjamas

Naked Curve has risen to the occasion with a luxurious set perfect for a Mediterranean holiday.

The Ocean Full Length PJ's is a little bit of luxury at home that comes in the lightest material that touches your skin so gently.

The PJ's come in blue featuring a notched lapel for sophistication and white piping around the wrist and ankles for that final touch of indulgence.

Your mother would call this fancy.

The best ‘Netflix and Chill’ set.

The Luxe Fluffy set will send you into a mood of relaxation with its soft and lightweight material. Its loose fit, tracksuit style will keep you in this outfit all day.

We all have our favourite TV shows. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a blanket and a comfy house outfit whilst binging on your preferred shows.

Your mother would call this cool, calm, and relaxed.

Essentially, people's pyjamas are a feeling of nostalgia that takes them back to a time that once was. On the other hand, PJs can also mean love, sex, and comfort.

It’s a ‘double edged sword’, a mum would say.

What you shouldn't wear to bed 

  • Throw your bra in the draw. Unless it's sexy and you're about to have sex, then definitely keep it on for aesthetics and mood.  
  • Take your makeup off.  
  • Don't wear underwear. 

When we curated our sleep and lounge line, we had three things in mind: 

  • Comfort.
  • Sex appeal.
  • The use of breathable materials.
  • Styles that everyone will love.

Like what we recommended? Head to our Sleepwear and Loungewear page to see the PJ sets that we didn't mention. 

If you have any questions regarding our line or need a hand with picking out some pieces, email us at 


Written by Ivana Zoric

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