Our founder’s Story: A journey of not saying sorry for how confident you are.

Naked Curve girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Australia’s most glamorous, confident, and gorgeous women. The cat’s out of the bag. I’m talking about all of you who shop with us at Naked Curve.

Our fearless, motivated, and gorgeous founder, Indiana, has asked me to share the keyboard with her this week so she can share a story with you to understand how Naked Curve came to life to shower you all with lingerie, adult toys, and shapewear.

Remember, stay beautiful, stay hot, and always be your gorgeous self. See you next week, hotties.

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Meet our founder, the one and the only, Indiana


Hello ladies, if you don’t already know, now you do. My name is Indiana. I am the founder of Naked Curve and welcome to my brand.

I want to give you an insight into my “Why” with you.

 Put your violins away, girls, because I’m not giving you a sob story. 

To me, Naked Curve isn’t just a business. It’s a dream brought to life by a strong belief that I will always stand by, which is reminding women that we are all so damn sexy in our own way. 

Why did I open Naked Curve?

Before I started Naked Curve, I worked in the automotive industry as the woman you bought your accessories, blips and bobs after purchasing your dream car.

 I… WAS... THAT… B***H.


On a rainy day in Sydney, floating around one of the dealerships I worked in, I fell into a conversation with one of my colleagues. She was going on a weekend date with a guy she liked and wanted to buy some lingerie for the occasion. The only problem she had was, being a size 16-18, she couldn’t find any lingerie in her size that wasn’t BEIGE! 

My pet peeve is women, excluding women. I couldn’t handle the fact that my colleague couldn’t find lingerie that was hot and sexy because she was too HOT and SEXY.


That afternoon, when I got home from work, I poured myself a glass of wine and went down a rabbit hole as deep as Alice in Wonderland (you know when she falls into the hole?) and started Googling my Friday night away. I felt that I had to find my colleague a solution.

After many weeks of research, sleepless nights, laughs, tears, sample orders and wasted money, I fumbled my way through YouTube videos on how to build websites and opened Naked Curve, offering lingerie to women who looked just like me and women who looked just like my colleague. I wish I still had this first website because WOW, it looked like something made in Microsoft paint.

The site did however showcase myself and my friends of all shapes and sizes just doing our damn thing in hot lingerie, draped throughout my tiny Randwick apartment, shot on an iPhone 6 from memory FINALLY showing different bodies in lingerie, something that in 2018 was not yet the global movement it is today!

In my opinion, just because women fluctuate with weight, doesn’t mean we should sacrifice looking like a rocket in lingerie. I mean… can we toast to that statement?


Ladies, it’s not a marketing ploy, WE’RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL IN OUR OWN UNIQUE WAYS.

Own it.


To the women who sometimes forget this, wash your face and look in the mirror because EVERY woman is HOT in their own RIGHT

I am here on our SIXTH BIRTHDAY, talking to you woman to woman because my journey has led me to this very moment where I have created a safe and fun space for women to celebrate their beauty, their individuality and most importantly, themselves as women.

Don’t ask men what women want - Ask me instead!

From my own experiences through my colorful life, I have worked out what women want!

 Men think we don’t know what we want, but in actual fact, all we want is to feel confident in our own skin. Confident enough to wear the lingerie, confident enough to tear up a board room meeting, confident enough to make love and confidence to just be happy and content with our lives. 

My motto is if you love yourself, you can love another. Life is short. You might as well feel sexy and confident while doing it.


Remember, we’re all human. We’re all going through shit!

I am a proud woman, and I want to share something with you so you know that sexy me is also a woman dealing with challenges. Please don’t pity me. Instead, applaud me for conquering my own shit. 

I live with a little-known condition called Lipedema, which has seen me fluctuate between sizes 10-18. I’m not going to go into detail, but I will say it was a bitch of a road I had to take to get to this point.

However how badass is it that Naked Curve was always able to provide me hot pieces to wear at every size.

Funnily enough, I’m writing this to you all while I’m sitting in recovery after my SIXTH LIPEDEMA surgery last week. The entrepreneur in me doesn’t switch off even though I know I need to recover. I’m giving myself a well-deserved break.


To all my girlies, our bodies and minds do wonderful things. It is up to you to find it in your heart to forgive yourself for fluctuating weight and just be who you are at any given time. If you’re the girl that looks at pictures from when you were younger and thinking, “Wow, I was hot”. Do something as simple as changing it to “Wow, I am hot”.

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All my love, and you got this.



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