New to butt play? We're here to break it down for you

New to butt play? We're here to break it down for you

Anal sex can be considered taboo for many as well as ultra-intimidating. It isn't for everybody. With that said, many people around you enjoy anal play and anal sex. May it be solo or with a partner; anal sex and play can be surprisingly arousing.

Have the thought to try? 

*Disclaimer - Take care of your sexual wellness and consult your doctor or health professional for further information. *

In this article, Naked Curve exposes the truths and amazing effects anal sex and play have on females during solo and partner pleasure. 

Keep reading to understand the hype around it. 

Don't worry. We'll keep your secret of considering it, plus we'll throw in tips and toy recommendations on Naked Curve's online adult toy shop. Naked Curve is here to help you understand your body sexually and know what you like and don't like.  

Naked Curve TIP: Lube yourself right up, darling, and massage the outside of your anus. 

Anal Orgasms 

Having an orgasm through foreplay and penetration of the anus can be one of the most pleasurable experiences you can encounter. It is possible for males and females to orgasm through anal sex due to the sensitivity of the area and the number of nerves surrounding the anus. 

You want to try it but can't admit it – The forbidden factor

There's something about the forbidden fruit being so desirable. They say anal sex is taboo. Why? Because it is taboo, and that is what makes it so sexy and seductive. Throw away your preconceived idea of anal and think about it as an unforgettable sexual experience. 

The more people are talking about it, the more normal it may seem.

Homework for Naked Curve readers: Call a friend and ask them what they think of anal sex and anal play. You might be surprised by their reaction.

Give yourself a reason to break your sex toy virginity.

Make your online shopping experience saucier when you buy adult toys online with Naked Curve. 

Naked Curve recommends: Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Red

Say hello to the brand Satisfyer. This brand has some of the most innovative and effective sex toys.  

How do we know they're good? Our customers tell us how much they love them! 

The Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Red is a genderless pleasure device that anyone will love. The twelve levels of intense vibrations and delicate design make for a curvy probe that gets you aroused in no time. 

 Bring lube to the party when playing with your Satisfyer to make the experience smooth and wet. 

Check out Naked Curve's 'But Play' section:


Increase partner intimacy 

One of the best ways to explore your sexual fantasies and desires is to explore new things with your lover to increase partner intimacy. 

Naked Curve TIP: Try to relax when having anal sex. the more you clench, the harder it is for a penis or toy to penetrate you. Having anal sex requires trust, comfortability, good lube and music to let the good times roll. Explore your options with your lover. Changing up sex and getting creative keeps the spark alive. 

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Naked Curve wishes all Australians currently stuck at home and hope that our store, articles and social media help break up your day! 


With Love, 

Naked Curve. 

Written by Ivana Zoric

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