Namaste ladies. Stretch with Naked Curve

Namaste ladies. Stretch with Naked Curve

Yoga has many benefits. We all know that. Yoga is a practice that aids your body in helping with stress, losing weight and re-program muscle flexibility.

Want to know a secret?

Yoga is a relaxation technique yet, but it can also improve your sex drive, which then equates to you getting your sex life back!

Let’s talk about it

You may be working from home a lot more, or you simply feel depleted and need the motivation to find that sparkle and boost of energy.

*DISCLAIMER – All recommendations come from personal experience through research found in The Journal of Sexual Medicine,Yoga in Female Sexual Functions”.

If you read “Do yourself a favour and masturbate”, you would have seen that we delved into the topic of masturbation and how orgasms can be an effective stress reliever. From time to time, we lose our sex drive and urge to climax, which is why you should look to getting your MOJO back!

First things first, start to meditate in the mornings, even if it’s for five to ten minutes. Gifting yourself time in the day to completely focus on your body, breathing, and mental state will go a long way in terms of reconnecting with yourself.

Following that, you should welcome yoga into your life.

According to Yoga in Female Sexual Functions, by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, a study was conducted with about 40 women that practised yoga for 12 weeks straight. The research resulted in women having an increased desire for sex and a better sex life with their partners.

Yoga poses to get your libido up and running

Boost your sex drive and have a better sex life through the following poses. If you have never done yoga before, these simple poses will help you get started and understand the flow of yoga better.

Cow and Cat pose

These poses are used simultaneously to assist you to relieve back pressure and feel sensations of relaxation. A stress reliever, this pose will get you in the mood to have sex or masturbate.

Bridge pose

The pose to tighten your pelvic floor. Stretching and tightening the pelvic floor has sex feeling better than before.

Child’s Pose

The Child’s pose is the ultimate stretch, and it activates your hip muscles to go into a deep setting of relaxation. A grounding pose, use the Child’s pose to rid stress.

Yoga meets Cookie

As an online adult toy shop, we love showing off our toys that make you reach the highest sensations.


Once you have your yoga stretches down pat, it’s time to pleasure yourself. For all the single ladies out there and the women in couples who love to experiment with toys, Naked Curve introduces Cookie.

Unlike other sex toys, Cookie is made for foreplay, and the tentacles are designed to make your nipples and clitoris see new ways to climax. Tease the most sensitive parts of your body with three vibrational intensities that will give you memorable orgasms. 

When you buy adult toys online through Naked Curve, we ensure that it is packaged gracefully and privately so no-one will know what you’re getting delivered!

What are you waiting for, our fellow yogis? Get stretching and get ready for the climax you always wanted.


Written by Ivana Zoric 

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