Naked Curve tips for getting in the mood for sex

There is nothing like having sex for the first time in a new relationship. That first taste, the first little nibble, the first lick and the first squeal of delight.

At the beginning of a new relationship, there is no problem figuring out how to get in the mood for sex, and it simply happens, whether it be planned or spontaneous.

You may say the spark will never end with your lover, but in reality, you’ll never know (obviously, we hope it doesn’t).


Getting in the mood 101

When it comes to your sex life in a relationship, you worry about how to get in the mood quickly and stay on the same sexual level as your partner.

No one wants to end up in a sexless relationship, but you’re unsure what to do about these issues. We are here to tell you that you are not alone.

Relationships come in different shapes and sizes, and a partnership needs care, love, and constant work to ensure a healthy, positive, and loving bond.

Here are some ideas by Naked Curve to help you and your lover get in the mood for some hanky-panky.


Make time for sex

Some couples may think of sex as an afterthought. Penning downtime with your love can significantly enhance your sex life.

Scheduling sex ensures you and your lover are wholly present and prepares your mind and body for raunchy activities.

Enjoy the time you have together. Appreciate it and embrace it.

Try new sex toys

While a massager like the Satisfier Supernova is a quality buy for a quick and easy orgasm, sex toys that do all the work for you may not leave you craving your lover's touch.

Toys that incorporate both of you, such as the Satisfier Legendary Duo, are a fun, rejuvenating and different way to get in the mood.


A sexy saucy text can go a long way when getting in the mood if you do it right. Make the hairs or your lover raise, and goose bumps emerge with a text on what you’d like to do to them. Share a photo or video if you’re feeling extra raunchy and horny.


Change the scenery

Changing scenery can help take your mind away from the daily grind and help you start focusing on your sexual desires.

Why not book yourself a night away or escape reality with a little holiday if you've got the resources? Grab a quick dinner or drink somewhere to set the mood until you both head to that certain location to get it on.


Luscious Lingerie

Sexy lingerie adds intrigue and excitement, attracting attention immediately between a couple. Still, it also has unique benefits such as boosting self-esteem, intimacy, and the ability to kick off those heated moments in time.

Why not invest in a sexy luscious set such as the Malia from Naked Curve to get started!

You may find one of these ideas is the magic key to unlocking that sexual desire. Even switching it up a bit may be a good idea!

With Love,

Naked Curve


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