Naked Curve is talking about it: Care for your body, care for your heart and care for your mental health.

Naked Curve girl here, Naked Curve girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Australian women who have a cheeky lingerie drawer, a good sense of humor and a good heart.
Now, my lovely and loyal readers, as always, I am here to keep you entertained, teach you a couple of things, make you laugh, make you cry, and raise your eyebrows once in a while. Except for my Botox girlies… Those girls can’t raise their brows for anyone.
We’re doing it, Ladies. Let’s talk about mental health.
 want to dive deep this round, and I want to talk about caring for your mental health. As women, sometimes we feel like we have something to prove. We want to show that we can handle anything, prove that things don’t get to us, and remind people that we matter.
Hey, Naked Curve Readers, did you know that you have feelings, too?
To set the record straight, I want to remind you all that YOU ARE HUMAN! We are all human beings. SIMPLE. If I can share anything with you as the girl behind Naked Curve Girl, it is that being a person, man or woman, we as people have feelings.
I’m sorry, but we’re not robots.
Readers, I know you’re all going through something. I don’t feel sorry for you. But I empathies with you.
What are you going through right now?
One of our many readers is going through something right now, and it can look a little like this…
  • One reader is dealing with a serious medical issue. This reader can feel helpless but doesn’t want to give up on herself. And so she shouldn’t because she deserves a chance in life free of medical issues. This is real life.
  • One reader feels fat. This reader is not fat. This reader is going through a lot and needs to be kinder to herself and use nicer words when looking in the mirror. This reader loves her body one day and the next day is googling the Vegan vs. carnivore diet. This reader needs to get off Google.
  • One reader just fought with a friend. This reader is stressed and can’t stop thinking about it. The reader just wants to feel heard and hates that she’s arguing with one of her closest friends. She is learning to put herself first without offending others.
  • One reader just had a death in her family. Grief is sad, fucked up and never leaves you. However, in due time, this reader will work out the secret power they have gained by experiencing such loss. This reader has just understood that life is short, so learns to empathise and be more patient with people.
  • One reader just broke up with someone. Oh, love, what a feeling she misses. Are we going to get back together? Am I ever going to love again? I can’t stop ordering pizza. But what this reader doesn’t realise is the world is her oyster. If they’re meant to be together, they will. And if she is meant to take a different path, drive on that road like you’re riding a quad bike in Mykonos.
  • One reader is a business owner who has had two low invoicing months. This reader doesn’t realise that opening a small business and going out on your own takes some serious balls. Big fucking balls. The stress she is feeling is like nothing she has ever felt. But it also gives her this incredible rush that only a business owner can feel.
  • One reader is struggling with anxiety and doesn’t know why. This reader is going through something but sometimes isn’t sure about it. This reader feels pain in her stomach, misses her period regularly, and feels aches and pains but doesn’t know why. This reader is learning to put their feelings first and is trying low-impact exercises so they can learn to breathe through it.
There you have it. Six examples of what a reader could be going through. I could have written another thousand different scenarios that people are going through.
Life is short. Take care of your mental health.
The moral of the story is that life can flash before your eyes. Yes, you want to feel beautiful, you want to feel happy, you want to be fulfilled, but you will feel those ways when you start to take care of your mental health and put yourself first.
Don’t be sorry for putting yourself first. Whatever that may look like. It could be therapy, journalising, yoga, walking, listening to music or swimming. Caring for your brain is important. Be kind to yourself with your words when talking about yourself.
Don’t let anyone push you around, and don’t be sorry for being you.
Let your light shine so bright that the world can see it. Just like the USA stopping for a moment to see the eclipse in its full glory. 
Just shine bright. Don’t dull your sparkle for anyone or anything. ❤️
You know you love me,
Naked Curve Girl 

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