Must Haves for Every Lingerie Wardrobe - By Bea Burayag

At some point in a woman’s life, her lingerie collection becomes a sight to behold. Her confidence is a gun and under her clothes is the fire that shoots out that bullet. With so many different types of lingerie out there it’s difficult to know the difference between a week old trend that you’ll use once on a date to impress a guy that you wasn’t even that into you and a timeless need that you’ll use over again when you’re 18 and looking to do something a little risqué or when you’re in your late 60s and want to feel that rush again. Here’s a little list of pieces I think every woman needs to have in her closet.

 Red Set

When people think red, they think passion, lust, fire and power. It’s a primary colour that immediately draws attention and has been a symbol of life. It is elegant and timeless, classic without being old, vintage without the dust. A red set is everything people think and more. You’ll never be bored in this piece and neither will anyone looking at you.

 Black Set

Like red, black doesn’t age however instead of that fiery passion that red spews, black turns you into a cryptic beauty. To others it may be nothing more than a throw on set for everyday use but to the right people, it’s a mystery that needs to be solved, a book that needs to be read then read again to find all the hidden meanings and surprises. It’s more than just an essential; it’s a perennial piece, used again and again.


This flirty piece of lingerie doesn’t get enough credit or attention but always finds its way into every collection. It’s a cheeky piece for when you want to have a little fun without all the straps and chains. Its versatility is sorely underrated, not only can it be worn as sleepwear but it can make a stunning mini dress over some leggings or pants, pop on a chic leather jacket and a Sunday brunch outfit can double up as a night out with the girls outfit.


You’re going to want a little more than one bodysuit in your closet because this piece comes in so many different styles. It’s near impossible to keep this piece confined to your own house. Wearing it out is a must and the right bodysuit can bring a crowd to their knees. Once you wear one, you’ll have a hard time finding a top that looks as good on those curves.


Not only is a robe or kimono the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful lingerie outfit but it’s a flawless piece of apparel to put on when you wake up and make breakfast, gentle to the waking skin. It’s an affordable piece of luxury that every woman should have.

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