Masturbate like a spy on a mission

Answer the following questions openly and honestly. 

  1. Have you ever masturbated?
  2. Do you masturbate? 
  3. Do you live with people, so you have to get creative? 

Strap in because we're going for a wild ride. This article exposes cheeky secrets that are also hot tips on maximising your 'you-time' in privacy when living with other people. If no one knows that you masturbate, don't worry, we'll keep your dirty secret. Let's learn how to masturbate like a spy on a mission.

Even though it is customary to masturbate and be a great stress reliever, many people like to keep what they do in the bedroom private, especially if they live with other people. Let's be honest; no one wants an American Pie moment where your parents, family members or roommates walk in on you, flicking the bean or pulling the long john in a sock. 

How to masturbate when living with people?

After much research and talks with various people, we at Naked Curve have come up with a collection of the most calculated tactics to help you masturbate in peace. 

Lock the door

First things first, lock that damn door. If you're lucky enough to have a lock on your door, take advantage of it so you can release the sexy and confident you. See below adequate excuses to keep anyone from knocking on your door: 

  • "I'm taking a nap, don't wake me."

Effective and to the point. 

  • "I'm just going to catch up on my favourite show and then head to bed."

Descriptive enough to say that you do not want to be disturbed. 

  • "I'm working till late and going to watch a little T.V."

Clearly indicating that you can't be disturbed while you're working away from home. 

Feeling cute? Get the lingerie out 

Hey, if you're feeling creative, put on your favourite lingerie before you get to bed. 

An irresistible piece of lingerie instantly elevates your mood with and without a partner. There is something so powerful about wearing lingerie; it shows you showing off your best assets whilst baring it all for the reflection in the mirror or your partner. 

Feel inspired by our Echo collection made for the modern-day gal that is you. A powerful, gorgeous, inspiring, courageous, and robust creature! 

Juniper Pepper


Naked Curve has some of the best Curve lingerie collections in Australia. Our colours and cuts make our customers feel like confident and sexy women. 

The speakers are your best friend

If you love using your Satisfyer Little Secret, turn your T.V. or favourite playlist up. Be careful; you don't want it too loud. Otherwise, you'll get someone knocking on your door. 

Satisfyer Little Secret

A discrete vibrator 

If you love the Satisfyer range, Naked Curve makes buying sex toys online discrete. The Satisfyer Teaser is a finger vibrator with twelve powerful sounds that aren't as loud as the bunny you got from your local sex store in the early 2000s. 

Satisfyer Teaser

The best excuse for privacy

Tell the people you live with that you're taking a shower. Feeling horny? Take your toy to the shower instead of using the showerhead. If you've never used a sex toy, make your first time in the shower with the Better Than Your Ex Clitherapy Vibrator, one of the best sex toys for beginners. It's small, waterproof, easy to use, and has ten vibration settings. 

 Better Than Your Ex Clitherapy Vibrator

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As always, readers, love yourself and make 2022 your best sexual experience yet! 

Au revoir! 


Witten By: Ivana Zoric

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