Lube - Your new best friend

Lube – Your new best friend

Remove your pre-empted idea of a typical lube user. Lube was created for better sex, and trust us, it's great during sex, but it is also amazing to use during masturbation. At Naked Curve, we are front and centre for the movement of personal lubricants and believe there should be a bottle on everyone's bedside tables.

In this article, we are exploring the benefits of lube and some recommendations to get newbies started.

What are the benefits of using lube? 

1. Everyone can use lube. 

Applying lube to your sensitive spots will increase arousal and takes sex and masturbation to a whole new level. If you're using a sex toy during masturbation, apply some lube onto the toy and let the magic erupt. 

2. It enhances pleasure points.

Don't consider lube as a last resort when things have gone dry. Use it anytime to get those engines running. Lube comes in many flavours and can also offer various sensations. For example, Naked Curve has lubricant options that provide a chill sensation and heated sensation, intensifying orgasm.

Naked Curve Tip: Are you using condoms? When having sex with a condom, add lube to the method to have sex feel more natural.

3. Feeling dry down there? Not anymore. 

No need to feel embarrassed. We all get dry. 

If your vagina is feeling dryness during sex and masturbation, please don't stress. This is normal and happens for many reasons, such as your hormone levels, what stage you are in your menstrual cycle, stress levels and what medications you're taking. For a penis, the levels of natural lubrication can also vary. Lube yourself up and remember how good the ride is to reaching ultimate climaxes.

4. Lube is a revolution for anal sex and play. 

Ever thought about anal play, but you were too scared to say it out loud? There is nothing to be ashamed about being in touch with your own body. Compared to the vagina or penis, the anus doesn't produce natural lubrication. Using lube for anal play will send your sex life to the next level as it takes you to an unreal state of relaxation.

 5. Say goodbye to friction and hello to lubricated play. 

In a nutshell, lubrication reduces friction which means you're less likely to get a sex injury. You may laugh at the thought, but it really does happen!

Naked Curve tip: If your partner is wearing a condom, there's less chance of it breaking if lube is used during sex.

*DISCLAIMER – This is advice from personal experiences shared amongst women. *

Naked Curve's favourite lubes

Wicked Aqua Sensitive – 240ml

Let your sensations run wild with your delicate bits feeling the intensities of the Wicked Aqua Sensitive lube. A Glycerine and Paraben free formula is specifically designed to heighten your sensitive spots' senses and arousal satisfaction.

Wicked Aqua Chill – 120ml

Wicked Aqua Lube is famous for producing lubes to intensify the moment. Aqua Chill is no exception, as it lets you go on a sexual journey that makes for slippery and shivery sensations. This lubricant is a superior water-based lubricant designed to keep you cool when things get hot and heavy.


Naked Curve takes the fear away for customers who want to buy adult toys online as well as lubricants. If you're worried about anyone finding out what you purchased, don't stress, our pretty packaging keeps your purchases private!

The team at Naked Curve send their well wishes to all Australians in lockdown. We're here for you, Australia and hope our articles break up your day while being at home. 

With Love,

Naked Curve.


Written by Ivana Zoric


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