From birth, whether you’re male or female, you’re told to never show any skin when leaving the house, that being chunky is not accepted by society and being confident in yourself is a dirty trait, among all the other things like lightning meant the angels were bowling or that eating a watermelon seed meant you’d have a tree grow inside you. Over time you grew to realise, you could step on cracks without breaking your back and you could sit as close to TV as you want without going cross eyed but it’s not as easy to change your weight or erase years of abuse we’ve done to ourselves for hating our body. As you grow older, you realise that hair grows in places you don’t want it to and things aren’t as tight as you want and all those things you’ve been told just keep piling higher and higher. I faced months and months of hiding from every mirror and every window, wearing only black and avoiding every event my friends invited me to because society could never accept me like this, right?


Times change and people grow. Acceptance is all around us, with people feeling more and more comfortable to show the world their flaws and bumps because we aren’t alone! 70% of the world is a size 14+, 2.7 billion people share their life on social media and every day more and more people are posting showing their stretch marks or ending the stigma around going topless.
That doesn’t mean you’re going to instantly feel better and want to share your newfound self love (if you do, you do you boo! 💖) but it does mean you should find that something that helps you find how to get there.

Whether it be going on a date for the first time in two years since you had your heart broken or getting yourself a pamper day just for the hell of it or even if it’s just sitting at home watching Netflix with your best friend (or your dog 😉). Finding that something could change your life and open you up to experiences you never thought were possible.

Since finding Naked Curve and The Midnight Wolf I’ve found something I feel comfortable in, none of those black baggy jumpers and trackers for me anymore! I just adore slipping into a cute bodysuit and feeling a little sexy which is a feeling I had never felt before. Since finding that little bit of confidence, I’ve gotten out of the house more which means I lost weight which means I felt better nothing mentally and physically all from finding a cute outfit!

If there’s one thing I truly believe I was told from when I was a kid, it’s that the sky is the limit. Your happiness and life is only limited by what you say and do, live in the now, buy that cute bra set, go on that holiday. Live YOUR life!

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