Lingerie For Your Wedding Night - By Stevie Skene

Lingerie for your wedding night Now listen ladies, your wedding night, whilst the pressure already reigns supreme enough to be the absolute most stunning bride on your big day for the dozens, it doesn’t stop there, it continues to the bedroom and I’m here to talk about my top three favourite pieces from NC for wedding night woahs.

Firstly, the “Ivory” bodysuit. This brings serious lace game to your wedding night. A perfect white with exposing booty cut base, this piece is my top pick for wedding night bodysuit loving. For anyone that has already been married you know the dramas of getting in and out of a wedding gown, so let’s keep it simple for the lingerie department. This is a one piece body suit, with detachable straps is an easy fix to taking breaths away when the big day is done.

Added bonus - looks great with jeans for a daytime look after the wedding night is done. Second pick - and although a risky choice, I’m going all out and picking the “Minnie” in red. Now here me out before your turn your nose up at red on a wedding night. Red = passion and this piece screams passion, hence making my top three, as an added bonus it also has garter clips, perfect for the more subtle effort approach and teaming it with thigh high stockings for the seductive end to your big day.

And last by certainly not least (trust me cutting it down to just three was extremely hard) I’ve chosen the “Penelope” in white (I’ve gone back to traditional white to keep with the theme, but really, the black is amazinggggg as well) this piece ticks all the boxes and ranges from size 12-20. It was truly the design that bought this one into the top 3 for me. Stunning lace cup and bodice and much like the “Ivory” it’s easy to take on, and of course, off, after all, wedding lingerie isn’t meant to stay on long.

So now you have it, all the hard work taken out of wedding night lingerie shopping with Naked Curve. For any extra information on these pieces be sure to check them out on the website under the “Bodysuits” tab.

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