Like Botox, Lingerie has no age limit

I am woman hear me roar!  

Today at Naked Curve, we're feeling a little creative. Play the song below while you're reading this article.  

I am woman hear me roar! – Helen Reddy 

If you're a bit young to remember this song or the tempo isn't your vibe, jazz it up with the version of the famous Sex and the City girls where they sing on stage in the second film!  

I am woman – Sex and the City 2  


We're taking it back to the 70s to remind all women of all ages that you are sexy and beautiful at any age and that you should NEVER sacrifice wearing lingerie because of how old you are.  

Reclaim your femininity 

Now that we've got the theme song of this article down pat, let's discuss the idea of reclaiming your feminine side with lingerie. Society and the media have led us down a path of thinking that a woman cannot wear lingerie past forty years old.  

Say goodbye to age limits 

Naked Curve is here to say that lingerie has no age limit whatsoever! You should celebrate your age and continuously work towards feeling sexy and appreciated in daring a negligée piece that makes you feel like the sexiest version of yourself.  

Honey, you do what you've got to do to empower yourself  

Just like Botox, lingerie has no age limit to who can wear it. You wear or do whatever makes you exert that powerful woman within your soul.  

Girl, Naked Curve is here for you  

At Naked Curve, we have a little piece of sexy for any age and body, including plus size lingerie, mature ladies lingerie. Never forget sexual pleasure; buy sex toys online through us.  

Our loyal customers have enabled Naked Curve to be a household name for curve lingerie in Australia. We appreciate and adore every customer for this great title. However, we don't want to stop just there. Women of mature age can sometimes feel like their needs are put after the youth in terms of style and more modest lingerie pieces. 

Get inspired by Naked Curve  

Below we are offering you a little inspiration to get your juices flowing. Buying yourself some lingerie may be the self-love you never knew you needed.  

Today is the day you reclaim your inner goddess, and we're here to help.   

These pieces will hug every Curve effortlessly, which means that you won't be able to stop staring at yourself in the mirror!  

Lingerie that is sexy and lacey with a touch of modesty 

Heidi Panties


Cleo High Waisted Panties


Cosmopolitan Bodysuit


Elektra Bodysuit Black


Bella Rose Set


Vixen Set


Ladies, age is just a number. You are as old as how you feel.  

Re-introduce acts of self-love back into your routine. 

  • Go for a daily walk 
  • Keeping a journal 
  • Nourishing your body with nutrients 
  • Wear that sexy dress that other people will judge you for 
  • Wear lingerie to remind you how unique and beautiful your body is.  

You only have one body, so treat it with tender love and care.  

With love,  Naked Curve.  

Written by Ivana Zoric

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