Illness Related Weight loss and Gain- By Leecie Munster

Hello queens! My name is Leecie Munster and I would like to shed some light on a subject that hits close to home for me and I’m sure many others, illness related weight loss and gain.

Now rapid weight loss or weight gain is hot on the lips of those who are around us regardless if its intentional or not. People are very quick to judge someone for any type of dramatic weight change. Have you ever had someone come to you and say oh my god have you seen so and so? She has put on so much weight!!! Or omg she’s so skinny now I think she has an eating disorder. These types of comments are all too common and are extremely problematic. The reason they are an issue is because it makes people think they are welcome to have an opinion about someone else’s appearance, which couldn’t be more wrong.

I myself have had my eyes opened to this recently with my own personal health journey. In brief I injured my back in august 2016, when I injured myself I weighed around 80kgs, two years, 2 surgeries, 9 epidural injections and a plethora of other treatments later I have ended up at the heaviest weight I have ever been.

Now throughout this journey I have made the conscious effort not to weigh myself as my weight does not define me but my most recent specialist appointment I weighed in at 113kgs. It hit me like a wall, how has this happened.. why has this happened.. then myself love brained kicked in and in that moment, I realised who cares? I am literally the happiest I’ve ever been with my body!

I have a whole new appreciation for this glorious vessel that carries me through life. I live and breathe the body positive movement and I surround myself with people and brands who think alike. I no longer buy into one size equals happiness and despite all my health complications I have found love within myself.

My main priority is living the best life I can with the body have now. I have so much else to focus on that my weight isn’t my main concern. When I am able to I will get back to a more manageable weight but for now this is me and I am amazing. My body if fluffy and fierce and is helping me through the most difficult physical and emotional battle I’ve ever experienced.

So please, before passing judgement on another woman’s weight change think for a second what other demons she may be battling. Support and help your fellow woman don’t make her a topic of gossip. Lastly be kind to yourself, when you love from within it radiates to those around you, showing courage and strength despite adversity may just help someone else win a few of life’s toughest rounds.

Love and light Leecie xxx

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