I love your beige underwear, said no one ever

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ivana here, and I’m ready to be as honest with you as possible. That beige pair of underwear at the back of your undies drawer, don’t trash it because it’s always there if you need just like good old WA aka Wing Attack.

That beige pair of underwear, consider them your private love that doesn’t need to be shared with your partner. Unless it’s that time of the month, you hate wearing pyjama pants, and your partner loves you and your beige underwear.


Honey wear a sprinkle of colour, and no one will know

It may be a little cold outside because of that crispy yet sunny Australian winter. Naked Curve column readers put on some Diana Ross because we as a collective are coming out with some colourful underwear pieces that will kick those happy endorphins into gear.

If you like to dress in all black like Posh Spice, you go, girl. Bright colours bring out the best in people, even those who don’t like to wear colour, and it’s more so for you than anyone else.

Find confidence in colour with sexy plus-size underwear

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to wake up after a good night’s rest and realise that you truly are enough.

  • Embrace all that is you
  • Wear your bumps and marks with pride
  • Love you for you

Once you establish a little more appreciation for yourself than what you’re used to, treat yourself with colourful plus-size briefs accentuating those incredible curves.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Check out our top three favourites to give you a little inspiration.

  1. Cleo High Waisted Panties
  2. Kourtney Panties Red
  3. Cherry Panties Wine

When changing your undies drawer, the keyword is to be open to change, and don’t be afraid to get creative with different cuts and colours! Remember, love those ugly beige panties that do the job when you need them but keep them in the drawer when they’re not necessary.

Colourful plus-size briefs that are comfortable yet perfect for sex

Our underwear collection is so sweet and tasteful in its own right that each piece is perfect to wear on its own when getting down and dirty under the bed sheets with your partner.

If you’re a simple lady that prefers simpler lingerie outfits, get creative and dress up by dressing down simply by wearing a sexy piece of underwear.

Sometimes more is less; in this instance, I’ll agree with you. Wearing underwear without a bra is a subtle hint to your lover that you are ready and don’t want to waste any time, and that doesn’t mean skipping foreplay because everyone knows that time is precious. 

With love,

Naked Curve


Author: Ivana Zoric | www.ivanacreative.com

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