How to introduce a bit of kink with your lover and reignite your sex drive

Are you looking to add a bit of spice back into your sex life?

For many, exploring different aspects of kink can be a great way to reignite the passion in your relationship. But if you're new to kink, it can be intimidating to know where to start.

We've put together this guide on introducing a bit of kink with your lover and reigniting your sex drive.

What is kink?

Kink is an intriguing form of consensual pleasure play, usually called BDSM. It involves a mutual exchange of power between two consenting partners in pleasurable activities that would not traditionally be pleasurable.

When engaging in kink, participants must prearrange the activities they will explore and agree upon a power exchange before getting started. This can include physical control, sensory deprivation, and restraint. All things that may not sound particularly pleasant outside of this context but during it can provoke intense pleasure for both parties involved.

Some people fantasise about these activities without getting physically involved, but why limit yourself? With everyone's safety and preferences respected from the outset, there nothing is stopping you from exploring the fantastic realms of kink!

Focus On Self-Pleasure First

Before getting into any type of kinky play with your partner, you must focus on self-pleasure first. Take some time alone and figure out what activities bring you pleasure and make you feel good.

This will help you communicate better and more effectively with your partner about what turns you on or off when exploring different activities in the bedroom.

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Discover What You Like

Once you have taken the time for self-exploration, it is time to start discovering what turns you and your partner on when it comes to sexual exploration.

Talk openly about fantasies or activities that get both engines running (pun intended). Don't forget communication is critical! Talking with each other beforehand will help ensure everyone is comfortable with whatever activity occurs during the session.

Incorporate sex toys!

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Set Boundaries

Although exploring different fantasies can be very exciting, safety should always come first!

When introducing a bit of kink into the bedroom, make sure both partners are comfortable with whatever activity is taking place by setting boundaries beforehand.

This could mean anything from discussing safe words before beginning a session, using protection when engaging in certain activities, or simply taking breaks throughout different sessions if needed for either partner's comfort level. The most important thing here is that each person respects the boundaries set by the other person involved!         

No matter who you engage sexually, whether it'sit's solo exploration or shared experiences, safety should always come first! Make sure that everyone involved knows their limits before beginning any session so that everyone feels safe and respected throughout the process - because making pleasure the ultimate goal makes everything even more enjoyable!

With love,

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