How to give the most sensual erotic massage

The art of touch is what brings you closer to your partner. If you have ever considered giving or receiving a sensually erotic massage, now is the time to start because there is nothing more relaxing than having a pair of hands rub every part of your body. From head, clit to toe, exploring the sexual practice of massage will make a chemical reaction erupt between you and your partner.

The simplistic feature of touch can go a long way if you desire to rekindle the fire in a long term relationship. Naked Curve is here to help you light that fire right up with some of our favourite sensual candles and oils that will make you "oo-ah".

Giving an erotic massage

A rule of thumb to remember when giving your partner a massage with the hopes of it leading to is to understand that there is no right or wrong way of giving a massage.

Where to start?

Yes, a massage starts with the touch of hands, but it is also essential to keep in mind the other senses that you can take advantage of, like sight, smell, sound, and taste. When you heighten and remove some, the sexual tension between you and your partner will rise rapidly.

For example, if you blindfold your partner when giving a massage but light a candle with an erotic scent, the massage receiver will be begging for more. Creating a multi-sensory experience is the ultimate introduction to foreplay, followed by mind-blowing sex.

What products to use?

When picking suitable candles and oils for your night of massages and sex, be daring and explore new horizons.

Make Me Melt Drip Candles

These warm-drip wax candles have the perfect amount of heat when it drops on the skin and warms instantly to the touch. The candles are the perfect accessory for giving a sensual massage. Visually these candles are appealing to the eye because of their bright red colour.

Hemp Seed Massage & Body Oil - Beach Daze

Our favourite oil is an all-natural, vegan, professional easy-glide, non-stick massage oil created to be the most delicate fusion filled with vitamins, essential oils, and hemp seed. This combination of ingredients makes for a smooth experience when giving a massage that leaves the skin feeling smooth and relaxed.

Heat Massage Candles

Place these candles on your bedside table or pour a few drops on your partner's back during a message. Either way, your senses will embrace the coconut fragrance, and the massage receiver is going to thank you for how good they smell and, more so, how they feel when the soy wax touches the skin. The Heat Massage Candles are mess-free last in the tin for up to 10-12 hours when lit.

Naked Curve offers some of the best oils, candles, and sex toys online to help you take your sex life to new heights with your partner. When giving a massage, you will feel your energy colliding with your partner's energy. Be in the moment and embrace trying something new with your partner. Relationships are like ice cream; you love vanilla flavour, but there are times when you need to change it up and wake up your senses with something new.


Written By: Ivana Zoric

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