How do I reignite the spark back into my sex life in 2023?

If you feel like your sex life has gone a bit stale, don't worry! This is normal, and it doesn't have to stay that way. In fact, there are lots of fun and creative ways to reignite the spark with your partner in 2023.

We've got some great ideas if you're looking to spice things up or add a little variety. Read on for tips on getting your sex life back on track this year!

Be Open and Communicative

Communication is critical in any relationship but essential in the bedroom. Talk openly about what turns you both on and what doesn't. If something doesn't work for one person, the other person can feel it.

Keep the conversation going throughout the process. Not just before or after, so neither of you feels neglected or ignored during sex.

Explore Your Fantasies

Everyone has fantasies, but bringing them up with your partner can be challenging. Take some time to explore what turns you on and share it with your partner, even if it initially feels embarrassing! Who knows? You may get off each other's fantasies more than you imagined.

Start with something as simple as satin restraints.

BIND is a sleek, discreet 3-piece restraint kit that encourages curious couples to introduce sensory play and light bondage into their bedroom adventures. Start by using the blindfold on your partner. When one of the senses is removed, the rest becomes heightened.

Set Up a Sexy Ambiance

Whether lighting candles, putting on some mood music or arranging pillows strategically, it creates an atmosphere conducive to pleasure and relaxation. The actual act of creating an inviting space sets the stage for sultry fun!

Have Fun With Foreplay

Don't rush into intercourse. Take your time and explore different types of foreplay together, such as massage, body painting, kissing games, etc. This will help build anticipation and arousal and deepen the connection between you.

Focus on Pleasure

Instead of rushing through sex to get an orgasm (or checking off items from a list), slow down and focus on pleasure rather than performance or goals/outcomes. Feel each sensation fully as they arise instead of pushing them away or trying to control them — this will help increase pleasure exponentially! 

Touch Each Other Differently

Try touching each other differently than usual; use light feather-like strokes instead of heavy pressure or vice versa — whatever feels good! This will help keep things new and exciting while giving both partners new sensations they haven't experienced before during sex playtime!

Use Sex Toys

Spice things up by introducing toys into the bedroom, such as vibrators, dildos, and nipple clamps. This will provide additional stimulation and allow partners to explore their sexual boundaries in a safe environment without fear of judgement or criticism! 

If you enjoy the essence of surprise, try our Couples Play Mixed Bag, which is guaranteed to set the mood for you and your lover. Packed by the Naked Curve team, there's nothing that we love more than a kinky surprise.

Incorporate Role Play

Role play helps break out of routine lovemaking habits by providing something new and exciting to experience together. Whether it's teacher-student role-play or doctor-patient role-play... Anything goes!

We're here to help you get your sexual creative juices flowing. Check out our arousing costumes.

Talk Dirty To Each Other

Talking dirty during sex is not only extremely hot but also adds another layer of communication between partners which can intensify feelings of intimacy and connection during intercourse—not to mention the added spice factor too!

Change Locations

If possible, try changing locations for different sexual experiences; this could mean taking it outside (safely!) or even having sexy times in different rooms around the house—it all adds variety which keeps things fresh!

Experiment With Positions

Last but not least, experiment with various sexual positions; try something completely new or even revisit an old favourite—this ensures variety which means more fun for everyone involved (and no boredom!)  Conclusion:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to reigniting the spark in your sex life. However, these tips should help you ensure that 2023 is your hottest year yet for bedroom fun! So grab a glass of wine (maybe throw in some chocolate, too) and have some sexy fun tonight. You won't regret it!!

With love,

Naked Curve


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