Hotel Sex- Spontaneity with a side of room service.

Have you ever had sex in a hotel? 

In Naked Curve's opinion, hotel sex is one of the most gratifying sexual experiences that you can have. May it be on a holiday or business trip, hotel sex tends to feel hotter than a quickie in your bedroom before work or going to sleep. 

This article delves into why hotel sex feels so good compared to having sex at home. 

Why is it better than sex at home? 

Is it the 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, or is it the thick hotel bathrobe that gets you off? The hard truth is that neither the bedsheets nor the luxurious perks that a five-star hotel offers. 

Why is sex in a hotel so good then? To people, sex in a hotel is euphoric because of your brain chemistry. When you have sex in a hotel room, you give your brain permission to release many of those feel-good chemicals like dopamine that already oozes out during sex. 

Thank your brain for hotel sex feeling better than regular sex because it truly is! The result of extra dopamine release within your brain will make you feel even more stimulated, sensual, and like your hand is spinning after orgasming. The extra dopamine will also make you feel high without taking any recreational drugs, which is why many couples love booking that spare of the moment hotel weekend away. 

Check in to awaken your wild side 

For most people, life can be challenging and stressful. You may not even have the time to book a weekend two hours away but don't be fooled by booking a hotel 30 minutes from home. It still has the same effect! Taking a moment away from your day to day reality will help you recharge, reset, and look at your stresses more calmly. 

When your brain is in holiday mode, you are more susceptible to feeling sexually aroused. Why? Because there are no distractions.

How to prepare for your getaway? 

Elevate your sexual hotel experiences with sensual lingerie and naughty sex toys with the right weapons. 

Go hard or go home, right? 

Naked Curve supplies the best plus size lingerie and quality sex toys that you can buy online. When you buy adult toys online, especially for couple play, remember to buy something you'll both love.

Throw a mystery box in your luggage! 

If you're new to sex toys, the choices may be a little overwhelming. Alleviate the decision making and buy a mystery box that will surprise you and your lover. 

Sleep Over Mystery Box

Couples Play Mixed Bag

Luxury Mystery Box

Kitty Corset

French Maid

Venice Teddy Set Teal

No matter how long you have been with your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, partner, husband, or wife. You can have sex 500 times with the same person, and it can still feel like the first time with them, simply by changing the setting.

Written By: Ivana Zoric


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