Goodbye to insecure you and hello to confident you with Naked Curve

Naked Curve blog readers, let us be real here.

  • How many times a day do you really compare yourself to others?
  • How often do you let that little voice control your thoughts on what your body looks like?

This article is a little different to the others. As advocates for chic plus size lingerie in Australia, we are also advocates for women feeling empowered and confident.  

With that said, we're here to share food for thought on the topic of insecurities, the negative rachet voice, and how to feel confident.

Doubt and Insecurities

You may even question if you have accomplished enough. However, there is one thing you need to remember. It is entirely normal to question your looks and accomplishments. BUT! We are here to give you a friendly and supportive reminder that you are NOT on a clock to be skinny overnight, have a $200k paying job by 30, and be married by 28.

None of these expectations mentioned above are real and should not be entertained by that little voice in your head.

Overcoming insecurities

Don't deny yourself of those bad days or hard days. Experience them, feel them. But once the day is over, commit to starting the following day fresh with a positive attitude.

To overcome your insecurities, you need to start by cancelling out any self-criticism you have already instilled into your brain.

Challenge those negative thoughts

Some may think that positive affirmations are a joke, and THEY ARE NOT.

Saying positive affirmations consistently with help you remember and believe that you are confident, worthy, and most importantly, enough.

Bad things happen to those who can handle them. Accept the tough life challenges with open arms and excel in full throttle to your dream life, mind, and body.

The key to confidence and self-appreciation

Building confidence can be challenging if you tacked the first step; you're already on the road to success.

  • Saying goodbye to those toxic thoughts by focusing your attention on things that bring better value to your life, like:
  • Take time to journal. Write your thoughts down and say goodbye to the things that have no real purpose in your life.
  • We know it isn't pleasant when people recommend this whilst spiralling, but trust us, it truly does quiet the mind.
  • Watch Ted Talks! Listening to an outsider's perspective of what you're going through sometimes helps more because it is judgment-free advice.
  • Experience everything that nature has to offer you. Increase those positive endorphins by taking an hour-long walkthrough on your local path. Pair your walk with some headphones so you can listen to an insightful podcast or music that doesn't make you feel anxious.
  • Socialise with your friends and family. When like-minded and positive individuals surround you, it feels less noisy in your mind.
  • Be around people who lift you, not bring you down.
  • Work out! There are so many mental health benefits to breaking a sweat!

Be KIND to YOURSELF and those AROUND you

Ask, believe, and receive. Treat those as you would like to be treated.

If you're still stuck on how to talk to yourself negatively, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would you talk to your best friend like this?
  2. Would your parents appreciate your rude remarks?
  3. Do you think you'll get that dream promotion by communicating negatively?

If you answered no to all three questions, the moral of this point is that you should treat YOURSELF with the utmost respect, love, and appreciation. Once you master loving yourself, you can achieve and manifest anything you set your mind to.

*Disclaimer: This article aims to provide personal recommendations on how to overcome insecurities. If you are struggling with your mental health, contact your doctor.


With Love,

Naked Curve


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