Good night 2021, good morning 2022, the year of sex-ploration

And just like that, another year has passed, and we, human civilisation, have entered the year 2022. 

Usually, at the beginning of the year, the conversation amongst social circles is based on what new year's resolutions you and your friends made for the year. Some will say it is their year of health, and they will begin to take daily walks; others will say they're committing to drinking more green juices and lesser Pinot Noir. One may say they want to find their true love, and another may say they're working towards being unapologetically happy. 

The conversation amongst the Naked Curve team regarding new year's resolutions is about making 2022 our B**CH in all aspects of life, especially our sex lives. 

In our opinion, the ultimate new year's resolution is SEX-PLORATION which is to learn about different methods and ways of exploring your sex life. 

Having a fulfilling sex life is a crucial aspect of self-care and self-love. Below, we have curated a list of sexual resolutions that will tick every box on your sexual new year's resolution list. 

Enhance your lingerie collection

Out with the old in with the new! Adding new lingerie pieces to your boudoir is a way to see yourself in colours and styles that enhance your confidence and appreciation for yourself. 


Clementine Pepper 

Aurelia Berry 

If you're searching for plus size lingerie or sizes eight to twenty four, Naked Curve is here for the movement that all women of any size should look and feel stylish in any piece they wear. Naked Curve supplies the best of curve lingerie in Australia that accentuates all the beauty that is you. 

The butterfly feeling of handcuffs 

The power of handcuff play with your partner offers the ultimate feeling of butterflies. 

Luxury Hand Cuffs

Why? Because it feels like you're adding forbidden fruit to your sexual equation in the bedroom. When something is somewhat taboo to society, it heightens the sensation when using handcuffs, making it one of the best couples sex toys. 

Add lubricant to your bedside table 

Things are better when they're wet. Use lube while doing the following: 

  1. Having sex with your partner
  2. Foreplay 
  3. Masturbating 

Lube minimises friction, making any sexual experience smoother, wetter, and far more gratifying. 

Climax Bursts Lubricant 

Wicked Aqua Chill Lubricant 

Elevate orgasms with sex toys

Whether you have never used sex toys, dabbled in them, or stopped using them after getting married, it's time to add them to your sexual accessories. With Naked Curve, buying sex toys online has never been more accessible and discrete. Our collection of sex toys is for beginners and veteran users. 

Adam and Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads 


Satisfyer Teaser Light Blue 

Get more head and give more head 

Sex is all about giving and receiving, and what a better way to do that than offering more head to your lover as well as requesting more head. 

Oral sex helps couples feel closer, more passionate about each other and makes your sex life all the more exciting. 

Let's be serious here; who doesn't love head? 

Oral sex is also an incredible stress reliever, especially if you orgasm and help you sleep better! 

Naked Curve wishes all readers a delighted, prosperous, and sex infused new year. 


Written By: Ivana Zoric

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