Girls, get your bikini. Beach season is in full swing

Girls, get your bikini. Beach season is in full swing

From the famous song, 'Confidence', Ocean Alley:

"It's all about confidence baby
She was a confident lady".

Summer is a time for confidence, confidence in wearing that bikini to your favourite beach or poolside bar with a cocktail in one hand and a smile that makes the sun feel even brighter.

For some, confidence in swimwear is challenging because of a lack of self-love. Naked Curve is here to help you regain love for that gorgeous body you have. We are here to help women achieve body confidence and showcase sexy plus size swimwear that makes you remember summer forever in killer swimwear.

Curvy swimwear for all!

Curves come in many different shapes and sizes. You can see a curvaceous size 8, 12, 16 or 22. No matter what size you are, females all have gorgeous curves that define their sexy silhouette.

How to be confident in a bikini?

A question that many women ask but don't realise the answers are so simple! Below, we reveal the answers on how to rock that bikini without worrying thoughts running through you.


Girl, don't forget, we're all beautiful, and no one should tell you otherwise.

  1. Find a bikini that fits you like a glove: The fun in buying swimwear is that you can see what works for you and what doesn't. Do your research and see what colours and styles make you feel like a million bucks.
  2. SHOP ONLINE: Thankfully, Naked Curve has a whole range of swimwear for ladies that fit effortlessly and look hot.
  3. Where you'll wear it: Think about where you'll wear your swimsuit. If it is by the beach or the pool, get something with extra flair. If you're an ocean baby, love doing laps, body boarding or paddleboarding, you'll need something a little more secure. Don't be afraid of what you'll wear, be excited about how good you're going to look.
  4. Show off the parts of your body that you love: If cleavage is what makes you feel powerful, then go right ahead and show it off. If you have an apple bottom booty, then try a suit with high cut thighs to elongate your legs.
  5. ACCESSORISE: Your bikini is only one piece of the puzzle. Accentuate your style with fashion-forward accessories like a silk sarong, beach dress, high waisted shorts, a pair of sunnies, a sports cap or luxurious hat and lastly, your favourite pair of summer sandals.
  6. BE IN THE MOMENT: What we're trying to say is that everything you wear may make you feel good, but the best form of confidence and happiness booster is in the moment with your family and friends. Chances are if you're not focusing on how you look and simply stand tall, others will follow suit when communicating with you.


REMEMBER: When you go to a public pool or beach and feel like other people are talking about how you look, remember that they are only your internal thoughts and everyone around you is just there to have a good time. Embrace the different looking bodies that are around you. Some of them may even be like yours, so share a smile.


Plus size swimwear inspiration

If those points motivated you to feel confident and sexy in your skin, then read along!

Now, we delve into different plus size bikini looks from Naked Curve to get you inspired!

Tahiti Tango Blossom

Fun – Flirty – High waisted – Sexy

The Bond Girl

Screams powerful – Confidence – Sun friendly – Perfect for water sports - Sexy

Palm Springs Black

One-piece – Comfortable – Curve hugging – Frilly – Girly

Tutti Fruity Blackberry

Fun -  Sexy – High waisted – Versatile

Burleigh Stone

Perfect for waters sports – Stylish print – Sun friendly – Sexy

Lastly, summer is the best time of the year. Enjoy every moment of it with your friends and family whilst feeling sexy, confident and in the moment.

If you're single, you never know whom you might bump into, don't forget to accessorise with that breathtaking smile of yours that may get you lucky!


With love,

Naked Curve.


Written By Ivana Zoric

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