Foreplay – The appetiser at a Michelin Star restaurant








 Let’s think of sex as a dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant. When you go to a fine dining establishment, it’s all about the experience. You walk in wearing that jaw-dropping outfit with your beau, sit down, get offered still or sparkling and then contemplate the appetiser. Foreplay is the first course of a sexual experience, and just like a 5-star meal, it sets the standard for the rest of the evening.


Foreplay is essentially heated sexual play that is not only sexually arousing but also brings couples closer together. Building a warm and trusting emotional connection can elevate any sexual experience between couples because it acts as the foundation of being comfortable to explore each other’s sexual desires.

Why do women love foreplay?

Women love anything remotely sexually arousing because it helps women lubricate with just the slightest kiss, touch, and sensual conversations. Being subtle in the opening movements of foreplay also helps a man become erect.

In most instances, women enjoy foreplay even more than sex because it relaxes the vagina up to the uterus, which leads to the ultimate arousal followed by hot, passionate, and steamy sex.

How to enhance foreplay?

Remember that when it comes to foreplay, there is no right or wrong answer, only suggestions on how to change up the experience. After many discussions with various women in different relationships, I have created a list of different ways to elevate the starting course of having sex.

1. Have a ‘dirty’ conversation – There is nothing more powerful than words. And when a sensual touch reciprocates them, you won’t be leaving the room until you have both reached a climax. Heighten the conversation with a card game like ‘Behind Closed Doors – Spice It Up!’. It will create a foreign conversation for both of you to be spontaneous and explore fantasies.

2. Share a shower – Let things get steamy literally and metaphorically. Start the night off in the shower and let the water pour down from face to toes, and imagine you’re in a French château enjoying a European summer. Enjoy a private moment that includes whatever filters through your imagination.

3. Touch – Learn to touch each other more. Caress your lover’s hair, face, shoulders, chest, and go lower and lower

4. Food – Ah, a fan favourite. Food can be considered as an international language of love. Start your foreplay with some citrus fruits paired with melted chocolate or whipped cream and sexualise the eating experience. Offering sexual gestures while eating creates sexual tension and reciprocated arousal.

5. The forbidden fruit, sex toys – Some of the best sex toys on our online store don’t vibrate. Just like the ‘Bondage Couture Ankle Cuffs’, something like a simple sexual restraint helps you experience the guilty pleasures of indulging in something new.

6. Candles – Aromatherapy is sometimes forgotten because it is such a simple tool. Light a ‘Bootylicious Baddie Candle’, dim the lights and set the mood for a fun night ahead!

7. Wear something slippery – A satin slip like the ‘Harper Slip Ruby’ contrasts the body seamlessly and covers the body like luxurious wrapping paper, and you’re the present.

There are no rules in foreplay. Work out what you love and prefer in such intimate moments. And always remember to have the most delicious time!

With Love,

Naked Curve.


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