Find confidence in lingerie to exert powerful businesswoman energy

Ladies, it’s time to dig deep into your soul and exert your inner Tina Turner. Start rolling down the river towards exposing your confident, sexy, and powerful businesswoman energy. Naked Curve is here to expose the tool of fuelling your confidence through lingerie.

Now that we are finally in 2022, women in business and positions of power are far more common than in the 20th century and earlier.

Fuel your confidence with plus size lingerie

Sometimes a little reassurance is all you need to get through that critical presentation, meeting, deadline, or conference.


Lingerie is your secret weapon in feeling confident in the office without anyone knowing what makes you glow. Wear sexy and powerful lingerie as an uplifting and positive booster to your work energy.

Why is lingerie a confidence booster?

Lingerie is a private confidence booster that makes you walk through those revolving doors with your head held high, proving that females can be equally intelligent and intelligent. If feeling feminine makes you feel strong in those career-changing moments, unapologetically wear your favourite sensual undergarments.

Comfortable lingerie sets to wear under workwear

Naked Curve features some of the most unique plus size lingerie in Australia. Get inspired by our sexy sets that are comfortable enough to wear under workwear on those critical days when you need an extra boost of encouragement. The Lorelei collection is revealing, comfortable, enticing and is the next level for curve lingerie designs in Australia.


The Malia set is inspired by the floral fields of Europe. This bright and colourful set comes with a comfortable and supportive bra, panties that accentuate the beauty of your curves and a garter belt set that keeps stockings intact.

Before putting on that professional suit, wear the Malia as colourful armour that accentuates your bright personality whilst making you feel confident and beautiful. After finishing the long workday, take your day clothes off in front of your partner or the mirror to reveal your true colours reflected on your favourite lingerie sets.

Arcadia Coal

One of our less risqué lingerie pieces, the Arcadia Coal is supportive, sensual, and ladylike, complimented by black lace, scalloped edging and a seductive floral design.

This bodysuit is ideal for the businesswoman who wants a little stimulation to be firm and assertive when handling business.


Take a look at yourself wearing the Ember. This bra and panty set come with a simplistic bra that will make you feel your best with its elegant finishes.

This set offers an alluring silhouette to help you tackle challenges with a calm approach from the eyelash lace detail and the transparent mesh at the back.

Women are unique creatures that are strong, intelligent, confident, and have a talent for showcasing unique skills and talent, which we should all be proud of.

With Love,

Naked Curve


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