Even though it's getting cooler, your lingerie drawer can still stay hot!

Naked Curve girl here, Naked Curve girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Australian women who know how to keep it HOT in the cooler months.
Ladies, like all of you, I THRIVE in summer. But it's kind of nice when the cooler seasons arrive in Australia. I love a good Aussie beach, but how good is it not to breathe through humidity? Am I right?!
 Today, I'm here to discuss how you can keep your lingerie drawer hot while enjoying the winter months.
Close the windows and moan in winter with Naked Curve Lingerie


Like a good spring clean, it's time to update your drawer of dirty little sexy secrets. When we say Naked Curve is coming in hot and heavy, we mean it. With our new release of lingerie, you can still feel your sexy and irresistible self during the colder months. 

We, as women, love to feel hot and sexy for ourselves and our lovers, and we're not sorry about it.

One thing that we truly believe in as a collective of women is that we love to test the boundaries of how much we love to love ourselves. What I mean by that is that we openly talk about how proud we are that we are confident women who LOVE to feel hot and sexy, especially in the bedroom.


The thing to remember is confidence isn't about the following:

-  Your weight

- Your acne

- Your curves

- Your bank account

- If you have a partner or not.

Confidence is about walking through like it's your runway. Don't be sorry for being you. Embrace yourself through lingerie, and look at how good you look in the mirror!

When you start feeling yourself, your sex drive reawakens like you've been hibernating in a cave. All you're going to want to do is have sex in that dreamy outfit of yours.

Girl, show your lover you can get cheeky in the bedroom with some Berlin Pink Handcuffs

Cuff them pretty in pink. Have you ever considered adding a daring pair of handcuffs to your lingerie drawer? One thing is for sure: playing with handcuffs during sex is one of the most exhilarating experiences that take it to the next level.

This simple yet effective play cuff can really set the mood. It's quite hard to explain. You just need to try it yourself.

Enjoy your winter and have hot sex during the hibernation season

Ah, sex. Do you love foreplay? 

In my opinion, when you have your lover in bed, and you're ready to get laid, the most effective foreplay tool is lingerie. It turns you into your sultry self that makes you want to put on a show for them.

Set the mood and get into character. You only live once, you might as well have damn good sex in f***ing gorgeous lingerie.


You know you love me,

Naked Curve Girl 

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