Embrace Body Positivity. Love yourself from head, to clitoris, to toes.

Embrace body positivity. Love yourself from head to clitoris, to toes.

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Females, since time began, have been given this human-constructed idea to look, act, be and feel things that are considered "normal". From being overweight to underweight, having an authoritarian personality to get along with, to judging clothes worn. Isn't it bad enough that women get their period every month and experience childbirth? Why must the assertion of how we look be minimised due to another opinion?

Initial response: Stick it.

Respectable response: No one has the right to make you question the assertion you have for yourself. Love yourself so hard that it irritates those who brought you down.

In this article, we explore the following:

  • How to achieve body positivity and begin to love yourself again.
  • Solo sexual pleasure and why you need it in your life.

Achieve Body Positivity 

To achieve body positivity, self-love and perform self-pleasure:

  • Try our creative, fun, and empowering tips.
  • Consider this the homework you can't wait to finish.
  • Remember, there is no right or wrong way of doing this. Just give it a go! 

The benefits of masturbation?

  • Assists the body to relax. 
  • Promotes better sleep and fewer nights of restlessness. 
  • It releases endorphins that cause feelings of positive physical and mental wellbeing
  • Most importantly, it increases self-esteem and body assertion! 

How to prepare? 

  • Set aside one hour for yourself. 
  • Get a private space ready. 
  • Pick out your favourite lingerie pieces and lay them somewhere nearby. 
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  • Bite the bullet, put your pride away and buy yourself a sexual pleasure toy that gets your senses running wild and increases sexual wellness. Our recommendation: The Golden Moments Limited Edition vibrators from a collaboration between Womanizer and We Vibe: 

  • Light a candle or two for ambience. 
  • Play music that you love and puts you in a positive state of mind.

Steps to follow

  1. Think of yourself and only yourself. Clear your mind of all the loud noises surrounding you that may be work, family and the weather outside. 
  2. Take three deep breaths in and out and take your clothes off. Look in the mirror and observe your body and how you look. 
  3. Now say to yourself five times, "I am beautiful, sexy, desirable, and I love my body." 
  4. Take another three deep breaths and put on the lingerie you have laid out for yourself. 
  5. Stand in front of the mirror again and repeat the mantra from step five. 
  6. Smile and appreciate yourself from the head, clitoris to toe. Feel love for every part of your body and let the music help your senses run wild. 
  7. Get comfortable, lay down on the bed or a couch. 
  8. Be open to solo sexual pleasure. No one knows you more than you. 
  9. Find out what techniques and massages down there help you climax. 
  10. After you have climaxed, go back to the mirror, and thank your body for how beautiful it is and how it can make you feel fulfilled and in love with yourself. 

This simple homework task to enhance body positivity and practice solo sexual pleasure is a way to regain self-confidence and appreciation for yourself. Your body positivity has nothing to do with anyone but you, so give it all you got and try something that gets you out of your comfort zone. 

 In 2021, self-love, body positivity and female empowerment are among the most prominent messages that influencers, celebrities, media, and government bodies send. 

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What does Naked Curve say to those spreading this message? About time, and keep it coming! 

Women who shop at Naked Curve know first-hand that the idea of body inclusiveness and positivity is at the forefront of everything we do. We abolish the concept of plus size being a minority and that every woman, small or large, is beautiful. 

The actual headline for women today would be to embrace the body that you have and take good care of it because it's the only one you have. It's not a designer handbag that you can return or exchange, hence why it is so important to practice self-love, female empowerment and most importantly, self-pleasure.

Check out our website www.nakedcurve.com to buy those sexy lingerie pieces you dream of, and pop onto our online sex shop to get those endorphins running regularly.

If you have any questions regarding our products, email us at info@nakedcurve.com, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will get in touch with you.

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Written by Ivana Zoric

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