Dropping the "Plus" from Plus Size - By Emma Sunbeam

For many years (even as a teen) I had labelled myself “plus size” and maybe naively so... Whether it was online clothing shopping, makeup/hair styling advice or even new sex positions, my instinct was always to search “plus size ...blank...”.

I had inadvertently associated all things to do with myself as “plus size” because I was lead to believe that “plus size” was the one and only descriptive I could use to describe my body.

But when you really think about it, are there really any differences after a size 14? The numbers just keep going up from there... Why should we above this set number be placed in a “reserve” basket? A basket, set aside from the ‘normal’ where we are chastised and ridiculed for wearing clothing higher than a size 14.

Is a 14cm square any different to a 18cm square? Sure, they may be different sizes, but in essence they’re both still a square. Much like all men and women are ‘just’ human. We all bleed, we all breathe, we all poop.

We are all, fundamentally human. And in my opinion, being human stinking rocks! We’re really at the forefront of changing the world. And more importantly, changing the future generation. Labelling people as “plus size” sends a message to young people that it’s not ok to be more than a size 14, and that its ok to segregate people because of their size. When really, we need to teach(and show them!) that they should and can love themselves no matter how they look, or what size they wear.

In whatever size or shape we come we’re all beautiful, sexy humans who deserve better than being labelled under one boring heading. We deserve to be labelled as smart, loyal, kind, adventurous, funny, loving and all the other descriptives we truly are rather than an outdated term. #DropThePlus


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