Do yourself a favour and masturbate

Do yourself a favour and masturbate

At Naked Curve, we believe that female masturbation or self-sexual pleasure is not taboo and should be discussed as much as we talk about our favourite exercise or beauty regimes. If you don’t know too much about masturbating, there’s a chance that you’re unaware of the unreal benefits of taking care of yourself sexually.

This article is to help women understand the many advantages of incorporating masturbating into their self-love regime and what toys can be used to explore orgasms further that all females dream of. 

The benefits of masturbating

Getting to know your body is essential, and everyone deserves a satisfying sex life with and without a partner.

Still a sceptic? See below SOME of the many benefits that masturbating has:

  • It helps you connect with your body better
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • It minimizes other pains
  • Assists with period pain
  • Stress reliever
  • Increase your sex drive
  • Improves sleep
  • A natural hit of energy
  • Understand your ‘It’ spots for partner play

Naked Curve starter sex toys: The Adam & Eve Edition

As an Australian lingerie shop and an all-around online sexy shop, we are here to help women find comfortable, invigorating toys that help reach unreal orgasms. Below, we have picked three of our favourite vibrators designed and made by the brand Adam & Eve.

Adam & Eve – Eve’s Slim Butterfly G

Take yourself on a euphoric ride with Eve’s Slim Butterfly G vibrator that will be your favourite toy on your bedside table. The slim and flexible shaft allows you to position the curvy tip against your G-Spot. With nine intense vibrational functions, you’re sure to make yourself quiver with pleasure. Up the intensity by activating the clitoral butterfly with the wings moving along your sweet spots.

Adam & Eve Black Magic G

The luxurious Black Magic G is the ultimate vibrator that teases and pleases your G-spot. This vibrator has ten levels to build pleasure that take you to the top of the mountain, a mind-blowing orgasm. Take the Black Magic G into the shower or the bath with you as it is waterproof.

Adam & Eve – Eve’s First Thruster

Enjoying taking care of yourself sexually? Satisfy your sexual cravings with the thrusting, rotating and vibrating Eve’s First Thruster. With a realistic tip that resembles a penis, enjoy six thrusting speeds while the Thruster turns inside you give you the ultimate intimate massage.

Considering that there are many benefits to masturbating, old societal views stop women from taking care of themselves. Naked Curve is here to take a stand for all the women yearning to release their inner fire. Shopping for your first vibrator may feel naughty, but we can help you shop for one discretely through our online adult toy shop.

Why are we the best online adult store?

The adult toys we sell at are sourced and tried by Australian women who practice self-love and self-pleasure through masturbation. When you buy adult toys online, you take the fear out of going into a physical adult store, making the shopping experience smoother in the comfort of your own home.

Eager to see what toys can help you climax like the queen you are? Head to our website and check out our wide range of sex toys that suit many levels of sexual pleasure.


 Written by Ivana Zoric

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