Baby doll. A thing of the past or here to stay?

The short and effortlessly sexy Babydoll nightie was introduced to the female lingerie market in the early 1940s by designer Sylvia Pedlar and dubbed the name "Babydoll" after the movie Baby doll came out in 1956.

What is a Babydoll?

A Babydoll is a sleeveless, relaxed-fitting, short negligee that acts as a sexy nightgown for women. 

Babydoll camisole designs came out like a heatwave during World War II when the western world was experiencing fabric shortages.

This lingerie design has had its moment on the historical hall of fame for decades in its own right. Due to the original design, practical post-war sleepwear, women today can enjoy even sexier and more seductive Babydoll designs.

What makes the Babydoll a fan favourite?

At Naked Curve, we aim to offer lingerie pieces that compliment multiple body sizes and ages.

The Babydoll is a fan favourite at Naked Curve because it's comfortable enough to sleep in plus sexy enough to make sure you and your lover don't sleep at all. It is synonymous with luxury lingerie and has earned its place amongst other raunchy lingerie pieces designed over the decades.

Why is the Babydoll perfect for every body type?

Say it with me; It is all about VERSATILITY.

What makes this negligee the ultimate lingerie piece is its versatility in being sexy and comfortable. Most importantly, it is a lingerie piece that accentuates curves and almost everybody type nine times out of ten matches. Its promiscuous and short design covers enough to keep the imagination flowing but reveals all the right spots.

The Babydoll is highly recommended when searching for plus size lingerie pieces and lingerie for mature ladies. The breathable design makes it easy to wear lingerie, especially if you don't feel entirely confident in revealing pieces. Consider the Babydoll your steppingstone to even more daring lingerie pieces.

Naked Curve thrives off offering the best curve lingerie in Australia, and our Babydoll collection speaks for itself. Get inspired below with different Babydoll pieces by Naked Curve to suit any occasion.

The romantic Baby doll

The romantic Baby doll is sweet and soft and is perfect for someone who yearns for slow passionate sex and loves to flirt.

 Anastasia Babydoll Black

Anastasia Babydoll Red

Atlanta Babydoll Black

A summer night Babydoll

Just picture you and your lover during a hot summers day, where you want to wear minimal clothing to relax but turn to have hot and steamy summer sex.

Lady Lavender

Lola Luxe

Maple Babydoll White

The sexual and seductive Babydoll

She is hot, and she is powerful. Give off sexual and seductive vibes with the sexiest Babydoll that will make sure you and your lover don't leave the bedroom.

Queen Amy Babydoll

The Parisian Gown

Delilah Babydoll Black

On the wedding night, Babydoll

Your wedding night should be filled with love, soft touches, kisses, and the ultimate wedding baby doll that is for your lover's eyes only.

Delilah Babydoll White

Anastasia Babydoll Nude

No matter your vibe, Naked Curve has Babydolls for any occasion. It's safe to say that the Babydoll design is here to stay for decades to come.


Written By: Ivana Zoric 


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