Accessorise for sexual roleplay

Have you been so engrossed in a movie you end up rein acting the scenario in your head where you are the main character that's about to have sweet, intense, and passionate sex with the character that comes in taking charge?

If you say no, you're only lying to yourself. Let's be real here. In at least one moment in time, you have imagined a sexual roleplay inspired by what you see on TV. Make those dreams a reality by wearing the simplest accessories to set the mood for a little adult sexual role play.

Erotica movies. Love them or hate them?

Last week I took it upon myself to do a little research. Seven of the ten females I spoke with said they've always loved the idea of roleplay. However, don't know what to wear or how to set the scene with their partner.

My next question was if they liked erotica movies like 365 Days or 50 Shades of Grey. Six out of ten said they loved the adrenaline that these films offer. One person said they secretly love erotica movies and novels but will never admit it to anyone, and two women said they weren't interested in erotica movies.

Now my question to all reading this article is.


  • Do sex scenes in movies turn you on?

If they do, keep reading.

How to role play with your partner?

We, at Naked Curve, say we, for those interested in roleplay, say, DO IT! If you're lucky enough to have a partner to experiment with, there is nothing more exciting than trying new things with your partner.

To start, think of specific scenarios that make you horny. To get your creative juices flowing, see below some scenario ideas.

  • Have sex with a spy in your city for a critical mission.
  • The girl/guy next door.
  • A summer fling.
  • Boss and secretary.

The list will only go as far as you take it.

How to accessorise for roleplay?

Keep it simple. When accessorising for roleplay, it's best to start slow. There is no need to go and buy a brand new outfit, and sometimes all you need is just a simple accessory. Our adult toy store has an assortment of cheeky toys and pieces to set the mood.


A pair of fishnets can go a long way for dressing up or dressing down every outfit. Pair them with your favourite plus-size lingerie pieces or something as simple as a long coat with nothing underneath. Fishnets are extraordinarily versatile and can get the blood pumping in an instant.


Keep a cheeky whip handy. You never know what a scenario can lead to.

Beginners Mixed Bondage Box

If you don't know where to get started for roleplay with your partner, try one of our mystery boxes, we can set the scene for you.

Role play is easy if you're comfortable with your partner, and it will only feel intimidating if you don't release yourself to the experience.

With love,

Naked Curve


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