A night of lingerie and toys featuring you

A night of lingerie and toys featuring you.

It’s the twenty-first-century ladies and gentlemen, and we’re here to give you the truth. While it may be confronting, be open to it being enticing, heated and sexy. 

Everyone masturbates. 

What to do with this information?  

For women that think masturbating is taboo, let me reassure you that it is most definitely not. Taking care of yourself sexually is the ultimate stress relief, and it allows you to get in touch with yourself, to understand what you like and don’t like. Lastly, masturbating is a way to love and appreciate yourself in front of the mirror.  

To our readers that need a crash course in self-love and meeting sexual needs, welcome, and you have come to the right place. 

At Naked Curve, we take pride in knowing that people read our articles and maybe learn a tip or two. We are not only a brand that sells plus size lingerie, but we also help our customers buy sex toys online discretely.  

Ask yourself a series of questions:  

  1. What lingerie makes you feel sexy?  
  2. Have you ever used sex toys?  
  3. Do you love yourself sexually?  

Write your answers down on a piece of paper and put it in a draw. Revisit the questions in six months.  

You must take care of yourself sexually and know that you are genuinely desirable.  

Continue reading to get yourself inspired!  

Plan yourself a night of you.  

Create a night for yourself where it is private and sensual. Dress for the occasion in lingerie that makes you feel like the gorgeous woman that you are partnered with sex toys!  

Never used sex toys? Consider this as sex toys for beginners task and buy yourself a toy.  

Thank us later.  


Naked curve offers the best of curve lingerie in Australia, mature lingerie and our sizes range from eight to twenty-two. Consider us a powerful movement of women embracing women of our time.  

Young, mature, curvy, and petite, we’re here for you.  

See below our recommendations that look breathtaking in all sizes.  


Duchess Black 

The duchess set looks and feels like a night in Paris where everything looks and feels beautiful. This set shows off your best assets with its flattering mid-high waist panties and a matching soft cup bra made of divine lace. Not to mention, they don’t cut into your hips and are true to size.  


Maple Babydoll Black 

The delicate Maple Babydoll is simple and innocent and is always a fan favourite. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the design. The style has a way of making everybody look effortlessly beautiful.   


Sexy toys  

Our sex toys are mind-blowing. To get you started for your love of self-pleasure, give these toys a go.  


Satisfyer Teaser Light Blue 

She’s small and versatile. Most importantly, the Satisfyer Teaser can make you orgasm so intensely that your body vibrates.   


Evolved Bunny Buddy 


If you want to increase the intensity, try the Evolved Bunny Buddy, a ten-speed silicone vibrator that handles like a dream with a ring-shaped grip for control.  


Lastly, when you find yourself genuinely desirable, you will feel even more confident when strutting yourself through life. Believe in yourself, practice self-love, and remember you are beautiful.  

Written by Ivana Zoric 



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