Ready to explore? How do I buy my first anal toy?

Are you ready to explore something new in 2023? Trying out an anal toy can be the perfect way to start your new year with a bang (no pun intended). Don't worry - it's not as intimidating as it sounds!

Once you get a general understanding, buying your first anal toy should be easy. Here's what you need to keep in mind when shopping around.

Quality Matters

When purchasing an anal toy, quality should always come first. You want to ensure that the product is made with safe materials such as silicone or stainless steel and is free of toxins and phthalates.

Quality anal toys will also have a flared base, so there is no risk of them getting "lost" inside your body. It's also important to remember that cheaper isn't always better for this type of adult toy.

Investing in a higher-end toy will last longer and provide more pleasure than a cheap knock-off.

Size Matters

Anal toys come in all shapes and sizes, so it's essential to make sure you choose one that is comfortable for you.

If you are just starting out, something smaller like a finger vibrator or butt plug is probably best. On the other hand, if you are more experienced or looking for something bigger and bolder, then larger toys like dildos or vibrators are available too.

Whatever size you choose, make sure it feels comfortable before inserting it into your body.


Lubricant is an essential part of any anal play experience! Lube helps reduce friction and makes things more comfortable when inserting an anal toy. Plus, it just feels delicious!

Make sure to choose a lube for anal use, as some lubricants can damage certain sex toys.

Clean After Use

After each use, make sure to properly clean your anal toys with warm water and soap or a specially formulated sex toy cleaner. This will help keep your toys free from bacteria and other unwanted particles that can build up over time if not cleaned regularly.

Additionally, store your toys in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as these can cause damage to certain materials over time. 

Know Your Limits

Anal play can be enjoyable; however, safety should always come first!

Make sure you know your limits and don't push yourself too hard too quickly. Take things slow and steady at first until you get used to the sensation of being penetrated anally.

If you feel pain or discomfort at any point during your experience, stop immediately! There is no shame in taking things slow, and your safety comes first.

Anal play can be both pleasurable and thrilling if done correctly.

Make sure you do your research beforehand to know what kind of product is right for you! Keep these tips in mind when shopping around for your first anal toy:

  • Quality matters
  • Size matters
  • Know your limits (and stick to them!)

With the proper preparation and knowledge of how things work, 2023 can be the year when everything changes for the better!

Happy exploring!

With love,

Naked Curve


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