You, me, a hotel room, and a handbag full of adult toys.

Naked Curve girl here, Naked Curve girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Australian women who show a seductive side in the bedroom with a collection of euphoric sex toys.

Ladies, it’s time for spontaneity in your relationship/dating situation.
It’s time to book a hotel room. Bring your handbag of sex toys

Do something for you and your beau. Book a room at a fancy hotel in your city and have a night to yourselves that is filled with a beautiful dinner, drinks (if you’re into that), strawberries, kisses and ruffling the plush hotel bed.

Change the mood and excite yourselves with sex toys that you have never used that you can both enjoy. It’s time to have fun again. And it’s time to explore your sexual experiences with your beau. 


Ruffle the hotel sheets with something that will make you moan in every language

Have you ever heard the theory that hotel sex is the best kind of sex? 

Well, we completely believe in that theory. Hotel sex is fun, riveting and something different. It exerts something in you that you feel when you’re out of your comfort zone.


Keyword being comfort zone.

Why play it safe when you can get back into that butterfly feeling of dating and exploring each other’s bodies with toys that make you both realise there’s more to life than scheduling sex on a Wednesday because your schedules are so full? 



Order room service and get a bottle of champagne, then sneak into the hotel pool

Be open to being romantic. Be young again in the mind and take a chance on yourselves. Order the strawberries and champagne, play a game together and enjoy each other’s company in and out of the bedroom. 

Take the fun outside and jump into the hotel pool with your clothes on. Kiss while the sun sets and embrace one other in the moment.


Wine and dine together and play footsies under the table. But don’t get caught!

After a day of lovin’ and fun, keep it going. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant and enjoy a meal together. Have a hidden agenda to prepare for returning to the bedroom that night and play footsies under the table.

TALK about your fantasies and desires. Open up to each other like you have never before. If the conversation gets heated positively, you’re on the right track.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Being in a relationship takes work and open communication. NEVER EVER forget to date throughout your whole relationship. 

You never know. Adding a couple of sex toys to your sexual escapades might just awaken a feeling you never knew what was inside you.


You know you love me,

Naked Curve Girl 

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