How to feel incredible and confident {whilst naked}

I can honestly say that it’s taken me a long time to be confident being naked either around others or with myself. It is something that I have spent years and years working on.

This applies to everybody not just us plus size babes. We all have our own insecurities, the important thing is to embrace what you’ve got and focus on the good.

When you are comfortable with your body, you act more confidently which makes you happy. As you gain confidence and actually feel sexier, then this will boost your confidence throughout the day too.

Here’s my tips to feeling like a babe whilst in the nude

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Spend some time looking in the mirror
If you’re unhappy with your looks, you might go to extremes to avoid mirrors. But the truth is, your mirror can be your best friend, helping you gain self-confidence. Get to know your body, every lump, every bump.

Identify body parts you like
Make sure you’re focusing on the things that you love about yourself.
Some people look at themselves in the mirror and say horrible things. Seriously, don’t do it you’ll just make yourself feel crap.
Pick the features about yourself that you love—your eyes, your smile, your butt—and make that the focus when you think about yourself. Choose to see the good in yourself, not just with your appearance but with the core of who you are.

Adjust the lighting
Seriously….fluro lights aren’t flattering on anyone. Soft ambient lighting is key.
Light a couple of candles, turn on a couple of lamps. If there’s a romantic moment there where you want to get naked, don’t ruin the moment by turning off the lights and hiding away. (And at the end of the day the other person isn’t going to be thinking about your body the way you are)

Sleep naked
Okay, the truth is, at first you are going to feel self-conscious. Since you may already have issues with your body, letting it all hang out can be a daunting task. However, over time, you will get more confident with your body and sleeping nude will just be the norm.

Fake it until you make it
One of the best ways to gain confidence is to fake it. If you want to have a booty like JLo then act and hold yourself as she would. There’s nothing wrong with having an alterego to get you through when you feel insecure.

Stand tall
Put on your fave shoes and stand strong and tall. Body language is everything. If you have your arms folded to hide your stomach, look down and have your back slumped then you aren’t going to feel great. Shake off that poor posture and stand tall – your body and your confidence will thank you for it. You will instantly feel more awake, in control and confident.

Just breathe
Deep breathing is a powerful relaxer. If you’re feeling stressed or nervous about a situation, take a few slow, deep breaths from your tummy– not your chest. Rather than “suck in,” allow yourself to breathe. You’ll feel stronger and more peaceful as a result.

Let me know if you have any other handy tips to feeling confident in the buff 

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