Getting out of a sexual rut ft. Toys and maybe the French maid outfit

*DISCLAIMER – All tips are collated through positive experiences of the Author and team members at Naked Curve. Please consult your health professional for further advice. *   

Do you ever get the vibe that you’re in a sexual rut? We’ve all been through it, and you’re not alone. The conversation of a sexual rut maybe though as uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Naked Curve is here to get you out of your sexual rut with tips on awakening your sensual libido.  

Relationship sexual rut 

In some cases, your partner may be feeling a sexual rut too. The only way you’ll find out is through communication.  

If you’re motivated to get out of a sexual rut, be open to exploring different avenues with your lover to experience new things as a couple.  

Single and in a rut 

To gain back your mojo back, you need to start from within. The team at Naked Curve and our brand itself stands for women finding their inner beauty from within, which contracts self-appreciation, self-love, and feel sexually desired with the help of your mojo.  

Yes, it is easy to say start from within, but how do you do that?  

Whether in a relationship or single, the method is similar as single people have sex lives.  


  • Write down your desires on a piece of paper with everything you want and need sexually.  
  • Put that piece of paper in your underwear drawer and forget about it.  
  • Look in the mirror naked and repeat this phrase “I am sexually desirable, and I love being touched and having sex.  


Using manifestation, journaling, and verbal reminders of desirability on top of a healthy lifestyle will help you truly start from within to get your mojo back.  

How to get out of a sexual rut?  

There isn’t a quick fix on how to wake up your libido. However, the below tips may help to get you started on breaking your cycle of sexual complacency. Yes, it may be familiar; however, there are ways to getting back to having incredible sex.  


The best way to resolve a no sex period between you and your partner/lover is to start the conversation about having no sex. Work together to understand what you both truly desire out of each other daily and in bed.  

SHOPPING- Buy couples sex toys  
If you and your partner would like to start using sex toys but don’t want to go to a physical store, remember that it’s the 21st century, and you can privately buy sex toys online now!  

To inspire you, see below two customer favourites that are loved by couples:  

Bluemotion Nex | 1 (2nd Generation)  

Underwear has never been naughtier. Let your partner drive you wild while they control the vibrational intensity booming in your panties.  



Ella, your little pocket rocket, vibrating bullet that is not only sleek and sexy, but it is also so intelligent; it can make someone have multiple orgasms.   



MORE SHOPPING – Dress the part in sexy lingerie  

Buying lingerie sometimes can be intimidating. Shopping for your pieces at Naked Curve means you have more options when seeking plus size lingerie because our brand has a reputation for offering quality curve lingerie in Australia.  

Be daring with your choices.  

The French Maid 

The French Maid outfit can give anyone butterflies. Put your heels on, get your feather duster and play the role of the good girl or cheeky sub.  

We love to hear the stories of our readers. If you love our articles and they help you somehow, we want to know about it!  

To the women that want to bring their sexy back, good luck, and we can’t wait to see you with that sexual glow we all love.  


Written by Ivana Zoric

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